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Closed Cooling Tower

Counter Flow Cooling Tower

Author:Trlon Views: Time:2020-09-10
Counter Flow Cooling Tower
Brand:TRLONeNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Product origin :CHINAeNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Delivery time :50 dayseNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Supply capacity :1 Million tons of water

Product advantages and technical features

In the open cooling tower circulation system, because the circulating liquid medium is in the air for a long time, pollutants in the air such as dust, debris, bacteria, and soluble solids can enter the cooling water system at any time, causing a large number of microorganisms to multiply, which is very easy for the human body and Harm to the environment, as well as causing pipe fouling and affecting heat transfer.eNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
The closed cooling tower adopts an indirect contact cooling method. The circulating liquid medium flows in the coil, which prevents the cooling water from being polluted by the external environment. The heat of the cooling water in the pipe is transferred by the circulating water flow in the tower to evaporate the latent heat, and the evaporated water vapor is transferred from the air. The stream is brought out of the tower. Closed cooling towers are suitable for various cooling systems that require high circulating water quality, and are widely used in many industrial fields such as chemical, steel, food, automobile manufacturing, and central air conditioning.

A.Working principle of closed cooling tower

The circulating liquid medium that needs to be cooled flows in the coil, the circulating water in the sump is delivered to the water collection pipe by the spray pump, and sprayed to the heat exchange coil through the water distribution nozzle. The contact heat transfer and part of the spray water evaporate and dissipate heat to absorb The heat in the water in the coil is transferred to the air. The hot and humid air is discharged from the tower by the fan, and the rest of the spray water flows into the sump in the lower part of the tower, and then is delivered to the spray system by the spray water pump.

B、Structure description

Box shell and supporteNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Performance description: Z700 hot-dip galvanized steel sheet is used to enhance the corrosion resistance. After installation, tear off the surface coating to prevent scratches. Z700 hot-dip galvanized steel sheet is one of the most corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant sheets, and its service life is 3-6 times that of ordinary galvanized sheets; it has superior corrosion resistance.eNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Catchment tank: Z700 hot-dip galvanized steel sheet material is used, which has strong corrosion resistance and long life;eNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
The closed cooling tower is pre-assembled in the factory and the whole machine is debugged and tested in the factory. The closed cooling tower includes axial flow fans, heat exchange coils, packing, tower wall panels, water collection tanks, spray circulating water pumps, spray water distribution systems, air inlet louvers, water baffles, ladders, and to meet safety and reliability Accessories necessary for ground operation and maintenance.eNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
The tower enclosure structure uses 3R (reusable, recyclable, renewable) materials, which are non-toxic, harmless, and non-polluting to the environment.


It adopts the design of induced air duct, which conforms to the principle of aerodynamics, makes full use of the theory of gas flow field homogenization, reduces the vortex area, reduces the flow resistance, and enables the hot and humid air in the tower to be quickly discharged from the tower. Before the fan is assembled, the fan blades are subjected to a static balance test, and the G6.3 level is selected according to the "rigid rotor balance accuracy" to ensure the balance accuracy.eNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Part description:eNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
1. Integrated fan, compact and stable structure;eNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
2. Adopt outdoor dedicated enclosed damp and heat resistant motor, motor bearings are imported from NSK;eNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
3. The blades are made of aluminum alloy hollow airfoil, with large air volume and low noise;eNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
4. The top is equipped with a protective net, which is detachable, and is equipped with shockproof pads to prevent abnormal vibration.eNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Performance description:eNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Adopting axial fan belt drive, high transmission efficiency, fully enclosed waterproof motor, imported bearings, blades made of high-strength aluminum alloy, corrosion-resistant and high-efficiency blades; fan blades are reliable in strength, smooth in surface, uniform in cross-section transition, no cracks, gaps, burrs, etc defect. , Good stability, easy to replace and maintain. Low power consumption ratio, overall power consumption ratio ≤0.07kw/(m3/h), long-term operation can save energy and reduce operating costs.eNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Fan: The function of the fan is to introduce air into the tower to provide dry air with a high flow rate and a steady flow, which facilitates the latent heat exchange between the cooling water on the copper pipe and the air, thereby improving the cooling efficiency and ensuring the cooling effect. Axial-flow fans are generally used in mechanical ventilation towers. The axial-flow fans have large air volume and low wind pressure, and can be reversed for a short time, which is beneficial to prevent freezing during winter operation. The angle of the blades can be adjusted to change the air volume and pressure.eNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
D、 Heat exchange coil (phosphating and deoxidizing copper tube)
Heat exchange coil (phosphating and deoxidizing copper tube)
1、Use thermally conductive materials with high heat transfer coefficienteNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
The heat exchange coil is the core component of the closed cooling tower. The selection, design, and use of the heat exchange coil are directly related to the use effect of the closed cooling tower. Our company selects phosphorus deoxidized copper heat transfer tube according to the design and use for many years, and the pressure design is 1.6Mpa. Each set of coils needs to pass a 2.0MPA gas pressure test in the water before leaving the factory. It has better corrosion resistance and heat exchange efficiency than galvanized pipes, stainless steel pipes, and aluminum pipes. The high-efficiency coils designed and used have excellent Cooling capacity. The copper tube is hard in texture, not easy to corrode, and is resistant to high temperature and high pressure, and can be used in a variety of environments. Compared with this, the shortcomings of many other pipes are obvious. For example, the galvanized steel pipes used in the past are very easy to rust, and the water quality will become yellow and the water flow will become small if they are not used for a long time. Therefore, the use of copper pipes is suitable for cooling various fluids such as pure water, quenching fluid, hydraulic oil, and Freon.eNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
①、The inclined arrangement of pipes facilitates emptying in winter and prevents freezing;eNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
②、The assembled coils have passed the air pressure test (2.5MPa) to ensure no leakageeNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
③、Avoid maintenance problems caused by fouling of heat exchange coils, especially suitable for "dry operation" in winter conditions.eNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
2、With automatic drainage function
With automatic drainage function
After the closed tower is shut down in winter, if the circulating water in the coil cannot be drained cleanly, it is easy to cause the coil to freeze under low temperature in winter, which will reduce the service life of the coil. To solve this problem, our company is designing the coil When the pipe arrangement of each group of heat exchange coils presents a certain slope, the coil group is of inclined design, and the slope design is consistent with the direction of water flow to facilitate the discharge of water in the pipes. The water can be completely discharged automatically, extending the service life and Meet the antifreeze requirements of closed towers in winter operation.

3、Tube-plate heat exchanger (the heat exchange coil can be drawn out for easy maintenance)

When repairing, only a single set of serpentine copper pipes needs to be drawn out, which is convenient for repairing. The copper tube and the tube sheet are connected by expansion joint, which has good stability and anti-corrosion performance.

E、Heat exchange packing (primary material produced by Formosa Plastics)

The original PVC flat sheet produced by Formosa Plastics South Asia is vacuum-formed. It has high cooling efficiency, strong hydrophilicity, low resistance, uniform water film, and good water absorption. It uses flame-retardant PVC raw material that can exert the highest thermal efficiency and is flame-retardant. High performance.

F、Closed cooling tower drive system-Siemens Motor

Closed cooling tower drive system-Siemens Motor
Performance description: Original imported coils, NSK bearings, low loss, high efficiency, low noise, and the motor junction box is waterproof. Fully enclosed outdoor cooling tower special motor, IP55 protection grade, F grade insulation, 1.15 safety factor, more stable and safer operation. The fan is installed on the motor and driven by the drive shaft belt.


The tower body design of the TRLON closed tower is reasonable. The load-bearing main beams and columns have been calculated and reviewed. The wind pressure resistance reaches 150Kgf/m2, and it can withstand the load of a twelfth typhoon, and the seismic intensity reaches eight.eNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
The structure frame of the tower body is made of high-quality and large-thickness hot-dip galvanized steel profile steel to ensure the strength and corrosion resistance of the entire tower and increase the service life of the tower. All tower structure fasteners are connected by hot-dip galvanized material and high-strength hot-dip galvanized bolts, which is convenient for future maintenance, disassembly and assembly.

H、Inlet shutters

Inlet shutters
Made of PVC, it is splash-proof, dust-proof, large air intake, low wind resistance, reduces the energy consumption of the fan, and there is no splashing phenomenon of spray water, and it can prevent the sun from shining into the pool, effectively ensuring the spray water The water quality and temperature of use can effectively prevent the breeding of dust and algae.

I、Sprinkler System

Sprinkler System
The spray system is mainly composed of spray water pump, connecting pipeline, spray head, etc.eNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Performance description: The pipe-type nozzle is used for water distribution, which distributes water evenly, is easy to maintain, has low pressure loss and is not easy to block. The nozzle adopts a large flow flower basket nozzle. Large flow, no blockage, even water distribution, no dead ends. The cooling water sprayed on the surface of the heat exchange coil can be evenly and smoothly distributed to achieve the best heat dissipation effect.eNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Performance description: The sprinkler nozzles and sprinkler pipes of the sprinkler system are maintained the most frequently, and the sprinkler system is completely exposed, and the sprinkling situation is clear at a glance and is very easy to maintain.eNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Spray water pipeeNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
The spray water pipe is hot-dip galvanized steel pipe.eNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
It can ensure its anti-corrosion performance and adopts ABS sprinklers; the function of the spray water system is to make the high-temperature cooling water entering the tower expand the contact surface area with the air as much as possible, increase the heat exchange between air and water, and reduce the heat of the high-temperature cooling water. The heat is transferred to the air, thereby reducing the temperature of the cooling water and achieving the effect of reusing water resources.eNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Spray water pump
Spray water pump
Use low-lift, large-flow, low-power, low-noise pipeline centrifugal pumps. It adopts a hydraulic and dynamic balanced impeller, cantilever installation, and the flow part adopts a multi-channel variable line design, which has high water absorption performance and high efficiency, and strong cavitation resistance. Adopt high-quality Bergman mechanical seal and imported NSK bearings.eNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
This type of pump has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable performance, small size, light weight, low noise, good anti-cavitation performance, low power consumption, and convenient use and maintenance.

J、Water collector

Water collector
The spray pump sprays a large amount of water on the copper pipe. Since the upper part is relatively close to the location of the fan, in order to prevent some water from being sucked out of the machine by the fan, the water collector is required to block the exhaust system to discharge the spray water and hot steam. Go; the arc-shaped PVC high-efficiency dehydrator is used to ensure high-efficiency ventilation, while the floating rate of the spray water is less than 0.001%, which can make the equipment part in the sensitive area of the floating water.

K、Cistern, float valve

The main function of the sump is to store spray water, which is composed of a pool, a float valve, and a sewage outlet.

L、electric heater(Optional)

During intermittent operation in winter, electric heating can be turned on to prevent the spray water from freezing in the bottom basin. The copper tube thermostat measures the water temperature of the bottom basin and realizes the automatic operation of the electric heater through the electrical control system. Normally, when the water temperature is lower than 4℃, it will automatically heat, and it will stop heating when it is higher than 8℃. (Also manually switch control when stopping)

M、 Water pipe connection

Reserve water supply valve, full water pipe, and sewage pipe (all threaded connections).eNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Cistern: large water collection capacity, wide area, good heat dissipation, fully meet the technical requirements of spray water. The material is Z700 hot-dip galvanized steel sheet with superior anti-corrosion performance.eNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
eNLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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