Trlon air conditioner manufacturers have silent cooling towers, closed cooling towers and cooling tower noise reduction, maintenance and transformation services.
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TRLON Energy-saving air conditioning Equipment Co., LTD. is a professional enterprise engaged in the development and production of central air conditioning energy saving products, central air conditioning equipment of TRLON products, all kinds of cooling towers and cooling tower noise reduction projects.TRLON air conditioner adopts professional and advanced technology and unique scheme, introduces foreign advanced energy-saving technology, and adopts advanced TPM, ERP and other management systems to ensure the excellent quality and ultra-high performance of the products.
The company has established deep strategic partnership with a number of international groups, focusing on the comparative advantage of talents, gathering and absorbing domestic and overseas industrial elites, cultivating and bringing up a group of well-trained professional and technical personnel, and turning the modern large-scale production and processing base into a high-level and customer service platform.
TRLON air conditioning can provide customized services for customers, in product design, purchase, installation, maintenance of the whole process tracking services.The company has a professional and perfect marketing network and smooth material system, products are sold in more than 30 provinces, cities, regions, some products are exported to the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and other more than 10 countries.
TRLON takes quality as guarantee, science and technology as driving force, energy saving and health as target, and creating comfortable life and precise air environment as aim. In line with persistent development belief, extraordinary courage to constantly surpass and "ten years to hone a sword".With the grand mind of "centenary foundation industry", it has steadily stepped into the ranks of famous brand manufacturers of central air conditioning energy conservation.
Core values: We are a service air conditioning company committed to continuously improve people's living, working, leisure and vacation environment, improve the quality of life.
Corporate strategy view: share responsibility for the society, share wealth with employees, and create a quiet and comfortable environment for customers;Create value with service.
Values of enterprise service: wax torch ashes tears before dry, it USES its short life to write simple romance and art for people;Air conditioning is the same, the appearance of magnificence, luxury style, far less than its practical experience and cultural connotation, the deep humanistic atmosphere and cultural deposits can reveal its charm!
Enterprise spirit: pragmatic, efficient, rigorous.Market consciousness: the train of thought decides the way out;Quality is the key to competition.
Brand awareness: personal reputation to cultivate people, enterprise reputation to establish business.Service awareness: face to face, one to one, zero distance.
Enterprise team philosophy: entity mode operation, integrity characteristic air conditioning, professional focus on service, brand enterprise development, this is our business philosophy;We are more masters of the attitude, warm human management to create our cause.

About Us


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