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Cooling tower scheme

Trlon cooling tower solution

According to the industry characteristics of our customers and the actual on-site environment, TrLON provides cooling tower solutions that meet the requirements of the enterprise. The solutions will be manufactured and installed according to relevant national standards and projects. The cooling tower produced by Trlon takes energy saving as the design principle, introduces the leading technology of the same industry from abroad, combines with trlon's years of experience in r&d and production, and carries out strict standard test on the selected materials of the cooling tower, so as to ensure the stable operation of the equipment for a long time, and achieve the efficacy of safety, reliability, efficient heat exchange, energy saving and environmental protection.

The design basis of trlon's cooling tower solution

National standard: T501022003 Code for Design of Industrial Circulating Water Cooling Tower;
National standard: T7190-1-2008 "Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Cooling Tower";
National standard: T7422001 Technical Conditions for Plastic Parts of Cooling Towers;
National standard: T50392-2006 Technical Design Specification for Mechanical Ventilation Cooling Tower;
Engineering construction: 2000 "Cooling Tower Test Regulations";
Enterprise Standards: Design Standards for Cooling Towers manufactured by TrLON.

Trlon produces the cooling tower design

The cooling tower solution produced by Trlon will be designed in combination with CTI Tool Kit, the mainstream software in the industry, and manufactured according to the above standards. The cooling tower products manufactured by Trlon adopt the modular combination mode, with small site restrictions and beautiful overall thinking. The cooling tower can be installed at the fastest speed while ensuring stable operation of the tower. The overall scheme has the following features:

1. Selection of combination components
(1) Drive system: according to the actual operating conditions of the cooling tower, choose variable speed motor, high-efficiency energy-saving motor or explosion-proof motor, and cover it with a protective cover, to ensure that the motor can run stably in the outdoor; The belt drive system adopts multi-channel transmission belt, which has high lateral rigidity and is designed according to 150% motor nameplate power, and is durable.
(2) Water distribution system: according to the water quality of circulating cooling water (impurities, PH value, etc.) choose PVC pipe, PP pipe, stainless steel pipe and other materials, to ensure that the pipe is used in a bad environment for a long time, easy to dismantle and wash. ABS plastic large diameter nozzle is adopted to prevent dirt from entering the nozzle. In addition, the end of the branch pipe is provided with a threaded nozzle end cover from which dirt can be easily removed.
(3) Water collecting system: the cooling tower is equipped with the high efficiency dehydrator produced by our company, which removes the remaining water droplets in the air stream, making the floating rate of circulating water less than 0.001%. With such a low flow rate, cooling towers can save water and reduce water treatment costs.
(4) the cooling system: cooling system consists of cooling fan, packing and is the key to determine the cooling tower cold effect, Trlon cooling tower production plan according to the water quality and temperature drop range, choose the common packing, sewage packing (with massive fiber or impurities), high temperature resistant filler, etc., in ensuring Trlon production of cooling tower in thermal efficiency at the same time, still must ensure that its service life.
2. Concept of environmental protection and energy saving
In response to the national call for "energy conservation and emission reduction", Trlon has designed a new type of cooling tower fan based on dynamic principles, using large fan blades and high-efficiency axial flow propeller type to achieve maximum air volume with minimum power consumption and minimum noise. The hydropower hybrid technology independently researched and developed by the company can ensure the fan speed and air volume to achieve the cooling effect without changing the original system by utilizing the surplus water pump pressure and using the combination of turbine and motor, which makes the cooling tower achieve a major breakthrough in environmental protection and energy saving.
3. Anti-corrosion technology and anti-freezing measures
After a long time of cleaning and evaporation, the cooling circulating water of cooling tower is mostly rich in impurities or weak acid and alkalescent, which is highly corrosive to all parts of cooling tower. Therefore, the anti-corrosion performance of cooling tower appears to be the most important.
Trlon's cooling tower solution has focused on this aspect: FRP cooling towers are made of fiber-reinforced plastic with high mechanical strength and corrosion resistance; Concrete cooling tower, using concrete aggregate and cement mortar as materials with different properties and introducing contact units on the interface between them, can effectively prevent carbonization corrosion, corrosion, acid corrosion, microbial corrosion, freeze-thaw corrosion and other damage to the structure of concrete tower.
Trlon's cooling tower solution also allows for winter freezing; When the equipment is used in winter or low temperature environment, electric heating device or tarting cloth can be installed to prevent the water piping from freezing crack, packing freeze and collapse. An electric heating device is installed in the water collecting plate, and a temperature sensor is installed. The start and stop of the electric heating device is automatically controlled through real-time monitoring of the water temperature in the water collecting plate, so that the water in the water collecting plate can be kept at a certain temperature for a long time without freezing. Insulation tarps are attached to the inlet of the cooling tower to reduce the intensity of contact between water and cold air from the outside, which can effectively reduce the chance of icing.
Note: Anti-freezing measures in winter are particularly important when using closed cooling towers.

Summary of Trlon's cooling tower program

1. Design and installation of cooling towers produced by Trlon according to environmental and site requirements.
2. Energy-saving, noise reduction, anti-corrosion and anti-freezing technology enables the cooling tower to be used in a bad environment for a long time without corrosion damage.
3. Adopt a variety of material detection methods to ensure the cooling effect and service life of the cooling tower.
4. With the introduction of foreign advanced technology and years of industrial production experience, Ryoden has become the leader of the cooling tower industry.

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