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Cooling tower quotation range

Price is the reflection of the company's interests, but also the customer for all our efforts should be rewarded. After the selection of the comprehensive cooling tower and the submission of the scheme, the company will arrange special personnel to be responsible for contacting with customers for quotation. When quoting the cooling tower, we will ensure that the company will get the due benefits and the customers will get the due services.
The lowest price of cooling tower depends on the cost of production, the highest price depends on the market demand, and how high the price is within the range of the highest price and the lowest price depends on the price level of competitors' similar brands.

Factors influencing the price of cooling towers

1. Production cost of cooling tower
Cost is one of the first factors we need to consider because cost determines the price range of the cooling tower. When considering costs, we re-examine the assumptions in the accounting cost analysis to ensure that they are allocated and priced in a reasonable manner. At the same time, currency movements and inflation, which also affect the cost of cooling towers, affect pricing.
2. Competitive factors.
Competitive factors include competition for market share with competitors and future price trends of the product. In terms of price positioning, the cooling tower produced by ryoden's cooling equipment manufacturer adopts a cost-effective mode, while in terms of competition, ryoden adopts a competitive service and strength mode, rather than a malicious competition with other small manufacturers in price.
3. Other factors
Other factors include customer price sensitivity, product quality, product differentiation, service, convenience, and perceived value.
Cooling tower installation is completed after reasonable quotation.

Steps to determine the price of the cooling tower

In order to form the price strategy of cooling tower, ryoden cooling equipment shall be carried out in strict accordance with the following five steps:
1. Set pricing goals
The cooling tower produced by Ryoden cooling equipment manufacturer always adheres to the business philosophy of "quality first and excellent technology", which makes it clear that TRLON builds its leading position in the market by quality. At the same time, TRLON's cooling tower price targets are closely linked to the overall operational and marketing objectives.
2. Determine the price range
Before determining the price range of cooling tower, it is necessary to determine the break-even point, the lowest point of the acceptable range and the lower limit of the pricing range. At least make up the company's expenses before making a profit, which is called break-even. We price based on sales forecasts and current price estimates of whether or how much we can break even.
Second, profit targets; If a profit target is not reached within a given forecast volume and acceptable cooling tower price, the strategy or market should be reconsidered. In addition, how does the target market feel about cooling tower products or services? This involves issues such as price elasticity and product differentiation, which determine how much the cooling tower will eventually bear, the upper end of its pricing range.
3. Determine competitive pricing strategies
Since all pricing strategies are competitive, competitor costs and cooling tower prices are the main factors to consider. Compare your costs with those of your competitors to see if you have a competitive advantage.

Cooling tower installation

In order to adapt to the rapid development of modern society and economic environment, develops the market better, make Trlon production of cooling tower become bigger and stronger, the company set up a professional cooling tower installation team, after years of baptism, cooling tower industry the installation team has become leadership quality, strong technical force, with high levels of self-awareness; Since the establishment of the team, the quality and speed in the industry has been highly praised, the completed cooling tower project are in line with the national standards. The company attaches great importance to this cooling tower installation team, but also to the quality of each cooling tower project completed.

Transport and inspection of cooling towers

After confirm with the customer to buy cooling tower company, the company responsible for arrangements for production, loading, and transported to the installation site, considering the loading may occur in the process of packing, loading, and trucks that may occur in the process of transporting turbulence cause equipment damage, etc., after the goods to the designated place, construction personnel will be carefully checked the cooling tower's name, type, specification and technical performance parameters, on the basis of equipment list counted by both equipment, check equipment specifications, product quality certificate of quality and product performance test report and random files are complete. Check the cooling tower and its components for no damage, rust or other defects.

Site installation of cooling tower

On-site installation of cooling tower includes three parts: main body installation, filling and accessory parts installation.
1) When the main body of the cooling tower is installed, the fasteners of each connecting part shall be hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel bolts and nuts. Sealing gasket or paste homogeneous material should be added at the joint of water collecting plate to ensure tight without leakage. The steel members shall be corroded at all welds during installation.
2) During the installation of cooling tower packing, uniform density and spacing shall be required to avoid collapse and lamination. The packing shall not be perforated and broken. The packing shall be close to the inner wall of the cooling tower, and there shall be no gap between the sheets. Welding operation of cooling tower should be prohibited after packing.
3) Installation of ancillary parts of cooling tower includes water distributor, ventilation equipment, water receiver and noise elimination device, etc. The water distributor shall be located in the center of the cooling tower and the water distributor shall be evenly distributed. The radial clearance of fan blade end of cooling tower and tower body should be uniform and consistent, and the Angle of adjustable blade should be consistent. The inlet and outlet of the cooling tower as well as the square and position of the nozzle shall meet the technical conditions or design requirements of the equipment.

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