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After sales service

Since its inception, Trlon's series of cooling tower products have been subject to the strict supervision of ISO9001 quality management system from material selection, production and final operation. Ryoden takes "quality first, customer first, integrity-based, loyal service" as its tenet to serve the majority of users. Therefore, in order to ensure the long-term safe and reliable operation of our customers during the use of our equipment, the company specially provides a series of after-sales service of cooling towers produced by manufacturers. After-sales service can be divided into pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service, specifically as follows:

Cooling tower pre-sale service

The cooling tower sales department and technology Center produced by Trlon will actively and actively provide users with knowledge about the cooling tower produced by the manufacturer, and guide users to choose the cooling tower products produced by the rden cooling equipment manufacturer most suitable for their own needs, and master their use and maintenance methods. Through pre-sale service, users can get additional intangible knowledge when they buy our products. We are not afraid of the trouble before the sale, because a good pre-sale service can avoid the cooling tower after-sales service more trouble.

Cooling tower sale service

1. After signing the contract with the user, the company will submit the technical documents in strict accordance with the customer's requirements, and make the corresponding project implementation plan together with the user according to the characteristics of the project.
2. The cooling tower products produced by Trlon provided by the company will be manufactured in strict accordance with the contract, and we will actively cooperate with users to do on-site supervision and inspection.
3. The company will carry out transportation in strict accordance with the contract and the company's standards to meet the requirements of safe transportation.
4. The company will arrange special engineers and technicians to the installation site for installation and debugging in strict accordance with the project implementation plan. In case it is difficult to carry out the construction as scheduled, our project leader will negotiate with the user and modify the construction plan only after obtaining the consent of the user.
5. Our technicians will operate on site and demonstrate to the company to help users get familiar with the correct usage of the cooling tower produced by Trlon, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble caused to you by improper operation. We will also provide comprehensive and professional technical training to our customers, including the daily maintenance and use of the cooling towers manufactured by Trlon.

Cooling tower after-sales service

1. The quality guarantee period of the cooling tower produced by Trlon provided by our company is one year, that is, during the warranty period, the accessories needed due to quality problems shall be provided by our company in a timely manner free of charge and shall be responsible for maintenance and replacement;
2. At the beginning of the operation of the cooling towers produced by Trlon, our service engineers inspected the cooling towers at least once a week, and at least once every half a month during normal operation, to check the operation conditions of the cooling towers produced by Trlon, record and file, and timely find and deal with some minor problems;
3. Service engineers of our company regularly or irregularly provide free training to employees in operation and maintenance of cooling towers produced by Trlon, and guide them in operation and maintenance to master relevant knowledge and skills in use and maintenance of conventional and new products;
4. Our company carries out lifelong follow-up maintenance after-sales service for the cooling tower selected by the user by Trlon, that is, the service beyond the warranty period. We guarantee to provide the same and timely service, and only charge cost and labor cost for the maintenance of cooling tower accessories produced by Trlon, without any other fees in any form;
5. After the warranty period of the cooling tower produced by Trlon expires, our company will provide you with the necessary parts at the most favorable price and ensure the timely supply of spare parts;
If you have any request for after-sales service of the cooling towers produced by Trlon, please kindly give us your valuable advice. Trlon's cooling tower after-sales service department will be available 24 hours a day to provide you with efficient and high quality service to your complete satisfaction.

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