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Cooling tower selection

Importance of cooling tower selection

Cooling tower is a device that USES water as a circulating coolant to absorb heat from a system and discharge it into the atmosphere to reduce water temperature. It is often used in industrial production equipment or refrigeration and air conditioning, and it is also a crucial part for its selection. Cooling tower should choose the model with strong cooling capacity, low power consumption, low noise, light weight, corrosion resistance and easy maintenance according to production needs. If the cooling tower is not properly selected, the cooling effect will be poor if the water outlet temperature fails to meet the production requirements and the equipment is unstable. If the cooling tower is too heavy, the equipment will fail, the energy consumption will increase, and the environment will be destroyed.

Classification of cooling towers

1. According to the ventilation mode, it is divided into: natural ventilation cooling tower; Mechanical ventilation cooling tower; Mixed ventilation cooling tower;
2. According to the contact mode of water and air: wet cooling tower; Dry cooling tower; Dry and wet cooling tower;
3. According to the flow direction of hot water and air: counterflow cooling tower; Transverse flow (direct current) type cooling tower;
4. According to application fields: industrial cooling tower; Air-conditioned cooling tower;
5, according to the noise level: ordinary cooling tower; Low noise type cooling tower; Ultra low noise type cooling tower; Super silent type cooling tower;
6. According to shape: Round cooling tower: square cooling tower;
7. Other types of cooling towers, such as jet cooling tower, fan free cooling tower, etc.

Required cooling tower selection parameters

1. Cooling water amount
Cooling water is generally expressed with Q, Q=MS△ T, where M represents water flow (mass); S is the specific calorific value of the fluid; T represents the temperature difference between inlet and outlet water of cooling equipment. In order to make the cooling tower have sufficient surplus, we will generally calculate the amount of cooling water required and multiply it by the appropriate coefficient.
2. Temperature of water entering the tower
This is an important parameter for cooling tower selection, which will determine the size of the selected tower shape. The customer can get it from the equipment specification, and can also make the actual measurement in the field.
3, the tower water temperature
The outlet water temperature depends on the local wet bulb temperature. Since water is cooled by evaporation, when the moisture in the air reaches a certain saturation value, evaporation becomes very small and temperature drops slowly. Therefore, the change of local wet bulb temperature has a direct impact on the cooling function of the cooling tower. According to the years of experience of the cooling tower manufacturer, the temperature of the water outlet tower will differ from that of the wet bulb temperature by 2 to 5 degrees Celsius without cooling tower units.
4. Local wet bulb temperature
How to calculate wet bulb temperature? The temperature of the thermometer can be tied to a wetted gauze, and the lower end of the gauze immersed in a water-filled container, it becomes a wet-bulb thermometer. Place the wet-bulb thermometer in a ventilated area with a constant flow of air and the thermometer reading is the wet-bulb temperature.
The parameters listed above are necessary parameters for the selection of cooling tower. If the user wants to make the selection more accurate, the following parameters can also be provided:
1. Motor voltage and power;
2. Water quality of circulating water (containing substances, PH value, etc.);
3. Installation environment and installable area, etc.;

Selection of important components of cooling tower

1, fan selection: when the size of the cooling tower is determined, under the condition of not affecting the technical performance of the tower, should choose a larger diameter fan, this is because: at the same air volume, the bigger the fan diameter is, the smaller the fan outlet air dynamic pressure, reducing the system's dynamic pressure loss, thus achieving the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction.
1. Packing selection:
Since the appearance of cooling tower, there exists contradiction between ventilation resistance and heat dissipation ability in the choice of packing. That is, the packing with good heat dissipation capacity has great ventilation resistance; With the increase of running time, especially under the condition of poor water quality, the calcium and magnesium inorganic salts and microorganisms in the water constantly adhere to the packing, blocking the packing increases the airflow resistance, affecting the heat dissipation effect and reducing the cooling ability. Therefore, the choice of packing is also crucial to the selection of cooling tower.
2. Form of water distribution system:
Water distribution pipeline should be selected according to the ph, for only containing solid particles and fast fiber and no ph sewage can be used metal pipeline; For high PH of sewage, PP, PE, APS, GRP and other materials should be selected according to the PH value of plastic pipe.

Cooling tower manufacturer Trlon reminds you

The selection of cooling tower should be the same as that of other equipment, carefully designed, fully considering the operating conditions of cooling equipment and the nature of water, reasonable selection of cooling tower, reasonable selection of packing, water distribution pipeline, water delivery system, to ensure the normal operation of cooling tower in a bad environment, so as to ensure the design quality of the project.

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