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What material is good for the shell of a closed cooling tower and the winter antifreeze warning

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-10-21
What material is good for the shell of a closed cooling tower and the winter antifreeze warning

1. What material is good for the cooling tower shell?

  There are three common materials for cooling tower shells on the market: magnesium-aluminum-zinc steel, glass steel and stainless steel. The three shell materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which kind of plate is better? The trlon editor will give you a brief analysis: Magnesium-aluminum-zinc steel plate is a kind of plate that has undergone secondary anti-corrosion processing. Its anti-corrosion performance is good, the cost is moderate, and the production is convenient. Most manufacturers on the market use this type of plate. Closed tower shell. The letter-to-price ratio is very high. The service life can meet 15 energy. FRP has strong anti-corrosion properties and is cheap, but the closed tower is placed outdoors and is prone to aging under long-term sunlight. The important thing is that the FRP material is not stressed, not heavy, and the production process is polluted and cannot be recycled. More serious damage to environmental protection. Even if it is cheaper, many manufacturers do not use this material for the environment. The anti-corrosion and waterproof of stainless steel plates are beyond doubt. If conditions permit, stainless steel shells are ideal, but the only regret is that the current price of stainless steel is relatively high. You can afford to pay for good things. In summary, each material of panel has its own pros and cons, and there is no absolute good or bad. The customer needs to decide according to the actual site conditions when choosing the shell material of the cooling tower.JfNCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
  II. Antifreeze warning of cooling tower in winterJfNCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
  1. Running the cooling tower below 0 degrees Celsius may cause freezing of the cooling tower’s packing and air inlet windows. It depends on your setting of the circulating water outlet temperature. It is generally recommended that the temperature of the outlet water in winter is not less than 10 degrees Celsius. If it is determined that low temperature is good for operation, make sure to operate within the range. When the temperature can meet the requirements of use, the fan should be stopped as much as possible. If the outlet water temperature is too low, it may cause condensation. It is recommended to increase the electric heater, and increase the outlet water temperature when needed.JfNCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
  When shutting down for a long time (such as the Spring Festival holiday), connect the exhaust valve on the water inlet of the cooler to compressed air to blow out the circulating water in the coil to ensure that there is no water in the cooler coil and the outdoor unit is covered to keep warm and prevent freezing.

2, the cooling tower runs in winter to prevent the coil from freezing

  Ethylene and propylene glycol are coil antifreeze solvents. Refer to the instructions of the antifreeze manufacturer for the addition amount. Or refer to the following case:JfNCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
  Example 1: When the user's local low ambient dry bulb humidity (air temperature) is expected to be -10℃, 20-30% high-content antifreeze and 70-80% pure water should be added, and the water is still frozen after actual use. , You should consider adding a certain proportion of antifreeze until it no longer freezes.JfNCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
  Example 2: When the user's local expected low ambient dry bulb humidity (temperature) is -20℃, 40-50% high content antifreeze and 50-60% pure water should be added until it no longer freezes. By analogy, the lower the antifreeze temperature point is, the higher the proportion of antifreeze added should be. The actual non-freezing freezing is accurate, and users should be flexible. When industrial antifreeze cannot be used, the system must be operated to meet the following two conditions:JfNCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
  1. Make the coil have sufficient flow.JfNCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
  2. Make the circulating water have sufficient heat load. The outlet temperature of the circulating water in the coil must be greater than 10°C.JfNCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
  The above is a detailed explanation of the material of the cooling tower shell and the winter antifreeze warning by trlon's professional technicians. I hope it will help you. If you have any needs in this regard, please contact us or visit the factory directly to order!

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