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What are the consequences of unclean cooling tower drainage

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-11-19
What are the consequences of unclean cooling tower drainage

  The indoor temperature of the cooling tower can be selected according to the design model of the hot summer climate. In other seasons, especially in winter, the indoor temperature can be increased too much. When the cooling tower is operating, even if the ambient temperature is above zero, the cooling tower may reduce the water in the pipe to zero, or even freeze. The cooling tower is a tube heat exchanger (heat transfer fan coil) placed in the tower body, according to forced natural ventilation, self-sprinkling and cooling circulating water heat exchanger to ensure the specific effect of cooling. The characteristics of its fully enclosed circulation system can ensure that the water consumption is small, and the water quality will not suffer from feelings. It is very good to ensure the efficient operation of mechanical equipment and improve the service life.ytiCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  The stainless steel sink, self-spraying pipes, and sprinkler head positions are collected in the tower. Clean up the stains immediately to prevent the accumulation of stains and waste materials and block the pipes. Check a part of the filler and check whether there are stains on it. If there are stains, immediately clean up to ensure the heat transfer environment. Clean, eliminate waste on the surface of the fan blade, check the angle of the fan blade, and adjust the gap between the fan blade and the wind shell.ytiCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Check whether the water pump pressure controller of the copper ball valve in the stainless steel sink of the cooling tower is damaged, and whether it is working properly. Check whether the stainless steel sink, tower foot, etc. seepage. If there is any leakage, immediately repair the glue and check the fully enclosed type. Whether the terminal block of the motor is intact, whether the motor rotates with shock or abnormal noise, whether the motor fixing screw is loose, check whether the cooling tower reducer rotates normally, if there is a buzzing sound, immediately replace the reducer rolling bearing, check the fan Whether the average value of the leaves is scattered with wood or loose.ytiCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  For refrigeration towers and other tube built-in heat transfer mechanical equipment, it is convenient that the tube slices cannot be frozen in low temperature climate, and the circulating system water in the tube slices should be eliminated when the operation is stopped. But now the common phenomenon of diffuse cooling towers is that the water adding speed is slow and the problem of unclean drainage causes the tube slices to freeze. Others, because the drainage pipe is dirty, even if there is no freezing, if a part of the tube freezes, water hammer (also called water hammer) The situation may also cause all mechanical equipment problems such as operating cracks. Therefore, the problem of freezing and breaking of the diffuse cooling tower often occurs in practical applications.ytiCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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