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Advantages and characteristics of counterflow energy saving cooling tower

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-12-18
Advantages and characteristics of counterflow energy saving cooling tower

  With the continuous development of science and technology, various styles of cooling towers are used in our daily work and life. In order to let everyone better understand the cooling towers, the editor of trlon below analyzes the advantages and characteristics of counter-flow energy-saving cooling towers. Hope the following sharing can add some knowledge of cooling towers for everyone.Xl2Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Counter-flow energy-saving cooling tower:Xl2Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Counter-flow energy-saving cooling tower refers to a cooling tower in which the water flow falls vertically in the tower, and the air flow direction is opposite to the water flow direction. Counter-flow cooling tower is the filling of water in the tower, the water in the tower flows from top to bottom, and the air in the tower reverses flow from bottom to top. This is a counter-flow cooling tower.Xl2Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Advantages of counter-flow energy-saving cooling tower:Xl2Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  1. The whole set of pen design is simple, the water distribution system is unobstructed, the whole water distribution process does not require special requirements, and it is not easy to be blocked. Water-sprinkling filler is used to prevent aging and moisture backflow. In places where the temperature is relatively low, it is easy to take anti-freezing measures. And multiple cooling towers can be designed for simultaneous use.Xl2Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  2. The design of the whole set of equipment is relatively simple, and the operation is relatively simple. The production cost of the whole set of equipment can be controlled, and it is usually used in some large cooling circulating water. The working principle of the cooling tower is that the ventilated air is blown to the dripping water from the correct angle. When the air passes through these droplets, part of the water evaporates. As the heat used to evaporate the droplets reduces the temperature of the water, the remaining water Was cooled. The cooling effect of this method depends on the relative humidity and pressure of the air. When the water droplets contact air, on the one hand, due to the direct heat transfer between the air and the air, on the other hand, due to the pressure difference between the surface of the water vapor and the air, evaporation occurs under the action of pressure, which brings the current latent heat of evaporation. Take away the heat in the water, that is, evaporate and transfer heat, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling down. The working process of the cooling tower: Take the working process of a circular counter-flow cooling tower as an example: hot water flows from the main engine room through the water pump at a certain pressure through the pipeline, horizontal throat, curved throat, and central throat to press the circulating water to the cooling tower's water distribution system Inside, the water is evenly sprayed on the filler through the small holes in the water sowing pipe; the dry low-value air enters the tower from the bottom under the action of the fan, and the hot water flows through the surface of the filler to form a water film It exchanges heat with the air, and the hot air with high humidity and high value is drawn from the top, and the cooling water drops into the bottom basin, and flows into the host through the outlet pipe. However, the evaporation of water into the air does not go on endlessly. When the air in contact with water is not saturated, water molecules continuously evaporate into the air, but when the air on the water-vapor contact surface is saturated, the water molecules cannot evaporate, but are in a state of dynamic equilibrium. The number of water molecules that evaporate is equal to the number of water molecules returning from the air to the water, and the water temperature remains constant.Xl2Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  The above are the advantages and disadvantages of cooling towers compiled by the editor of trlon air conditioner. You can share more information about cooling towers with you next time. You can also follow our official website. Guangdong trlon focuses on closed cooling towers, and the price of closed cooling towers. , Production and sales of closed cooling towers, silent cooling towers and other products. Trlon has advanced production equipment and mature processing technology, which can guarantee the price of closed cooling towers, closed cooling towers, closed cooling towers, silent cooling towers, and The purchase price allows users to purchase cost-effective products. If you have any intention of cooperation, please feel free to inquire.Xl2Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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