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The role of cooling towers in central air conditioning equipment

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2021-11-04
The role of cooling towers in central air conditioning equipment

  The role of cooling towers in central air-conditioning equipment: Everyone knows that the equipment continuously emits heat during operation, which is generally exhausted to make the machine work normally. There are two methods, one is air cooling and the other is water cooling. Household air conditioners are air-cooled, and central air conditioners are water-cooled. The compressor of the central air conditioner keeps heating during the cooling process. If the compressor is not cooled to a certain temperature in time, the compressor will be heated too fast and stop working. Generally, water cooling is used to cool the compressor. Normal temperature water absorbs heat through the compressor, and the water temperature rises and cannot be used for compressor cooling. Only reuse water at room temperature, release this part of water or let this part of water cool down before reuse. Generally, we will choose a cooling tower to cool the hot water to room temperature, reuse it, and recycle it. Because this part of the water is relatively large per hour, basically more than 50 tons, there is no recycling, causing a lot of waste and consumption.0kGCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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