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Description of basic principles and technical core of industrial cooling water circulation system

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2021-03-26
Description of basic principles and technical core of industrial cooling water circulation system

  Industrial cooling water circulation system is a kind of frequently used acquisition circulation system. According to this system, it can treat water resources and control costs, which can be said to have many advantages. Then what are the working principles of its technical process? What is the core content of the technology process? So let's actually analyze these two cases.v11Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  1. Technical process working principle of industrial cooling water circulation system

  Industrial cooling water in the heat and cold exchange equipment and cooling tower between the circulation of the submersible pump to promote.v11Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  As the name suggests, the hydrodynamic exhaust fan is driven by the water, rather than the traditional electric power. In the cooling tower of the hydrodynamic exhaust fan, the water turbine replaces the motor as the power source of the exhaust fan. The operating energy of the turbine comes from the sufficient flow rate and sufficient head of the system. After the renovation, the circulating water supplied by the submersible pump passes through the turbine and drives it to turn. The output shaft of the turbine is directly connected with the exhaust fan, so as to push the exhaust fan to rotate.v11Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  In cooling tower of circulating pump system design, thermodynamics, heat transfer, estimation range from thermal equipment heat load, heat to the cooling water requirements of each link, because of considering the resistance loss of the machine and system piping, usually need to put a little design margin, while selecting a pump need again on this foundation by 1.1 to 1.3 times as the pump selection basis, while in the actual model when the choice is often happened to pick exactly the same to the technical parameters of submersible pump, on the basis of high not low standard, generally choose the head too large submersible pump, because more than a few cases of accumulation, So there are a lot of sufficient head and flow in the submersible pump circulation system.v11Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Because the selection of the driving motor is generally in the larger working capacity, and many production and processing places because of the power provisions from beginning to end in a state of change, widely used is the low efficiency of the inlet and outlet valve adjustment method to adapt to the change of load. That is, the valve adjustment method is used to adjust the flow rate of the pump by changing the opening of the valve on the pipeline that delivers the fluid. This kind of adjustment method is also known as throttle adjustment. It is the method of changing the resistance of the pipeline system to change the resistance characteristic curve of the pipeline, so as to obtain the operation point necessary for the appropriate customer. , though down the valve to reduce traffic system is not diminished by adsorption of energy from the grid, drag the output shaft of the motor energy is basically no change, there is quite a small part of the energy consumption on the valves, although the output of the valve to realize the condition, but the proportion of feasible energy is reduced, and the loss increased.v11Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  In a whole circulating water system, each section of the water pipe, elbow has certain resistance, where the cooling tower high and low, resistance of heat transfer components and pressure regulation will produce resistance in the system, this kind of resistance is also not very accurate calculation, so the process engineer to estimate the resistance value of only a rough data, on the basis of this value in the selection of submersible pump head, consider more reliable production and processing, in overcoming resistance values on the basis of the estimate by at least 10% - 20% allowance for model selection.v11Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  When the equipment is added to the turbine, the inlet valve will be gradually opened until the equipment flow to the required value. Because the pump power is directly proportional to the flow rate, the pump power changes when the flow rate changes, and the pump motor power does not change when the flow rate does not change. If the hydraulic turbine and the rear inlet tower valve are fully opened when the rich head is insufficient, the equipment flow will be slightly reduced to improve the rich head, and there will be no other harm to the system operation.v11Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  2. The process core of industrial cooling water circulation system

  The core of the water power acquisition cooling tower technology and cooling tower transformation technology is the counterattack water turbine developed according to the thermal characteristics of the cooling tower and the hydraulic characteristics of the circulation system. The water power acquisition utilization rate of the turbine is high, and then the low power and rich cooling tower circulating water system is transformed to achieve 100% energy saving purpose. The structure of the turbine adopts the form of counterattack, and the inflow of water relative to the rotation center of the turbine is symmetrically divided, so that the impact on the turbine is balanced, the vibration of the turbine operation is reduced, and the cooling tower operation is more stable.v11Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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