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Noise control method of cooling tower fan

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-10-15
Noise control method of cooling tower fan
The noise generated by the cooling tower fan has its own unique characteristics, so the noise control methods of the integrated fan are also different, and you must start from all aspects to get good characteristics. As a cooling tower manufacturer engaged in this work as a technology professional, we have brought you a reasonable and effective comprehensive noise control method, starting from the following 4 factors.rvUCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
1. Use a fan sound insulation cover. The structure of the sound insulation cover adopts steel type as steel frame, metal material or non-metal sound insulation board, rock wool board and filler combined to form a sound absorption body. In order to ensure the maintenance of the fan, a part of the soundproof cover is designed as a removable movable panel. Set up observation windows at an appropriate location.rvUCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
2. Use exhaust muffler. Exhaust noise is aerodynamic noise. Installing a muffler can reduce its noise. In order to better avoid the blockage of the violent head, the exhaust muffler is not easy to use porous structural fiber raw materials. It is appropriate to adopt a micro-absorbent board structure with a wide frequency , No re-pollution characteristics.rvUCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
3. Alleviate the problem of exhaust air and heat. The exhaust fan runs continuously day and night, and the heat dissipation capacity is large, so the cooling and heat dissipation problem of the exhaust fan must be considered. The exhaust of the soundproof cover adopts a forced exhaust method, and an exhaust muffler entrance is arranged above the soundproof cover.rvUCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
4. Use soundproof doors and soundproof windows. Windows and doors are the weak point of sound insulation, and sound insulation windows are added to the original windows. The original gate was rebuilt into a soundproof door.rvUCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
rvUCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
The above is the noise control method for the cooling tower fan. For more cooling tower problems, please pay attention to the cooling tower manufacturer trlon.

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