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Maintenance of cooling tower in summer

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2021-03-23
Maintenance of cooling tower in summer

  The main function of cooling tower in daily production is to cool the circulating water and make the circulating water meet the standard of production water. In order to avoid the water temperature difference and acid rain corrosion of the cooling tower in summer, the maintenance work of the cooling tower should be kept in mind.6q0Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  1, pay attention to close the cooling tower in summer to fill the water: the temperature rises in summer, compared with the winter, the evaporation of the spray water slightly increases. Check the tank and replenish water regularly.6q0Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  2, check the distribution of water in the nozzle: closed cooling tower usually uses nozzles to distribute water. If the nozzle in the cooling tower is partially blocked or the nozzle falls off, the water distribution will be uneven. For cooling towers, it is important to avoid dry points and to check the water distribution of the nozzle regularly.6q0Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  3, clean the air inlet/outlet of the equipment: for the long-term outdoor operation of the cooling tower, the air inlet and air outlet should be regularly maintained and checked to remove the blockage of the air inlet/air outlet network.6q0Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  4, packaging damage: including scaling and aging. In general, cooling towers that have been used for many years will suffer from packing damage. If the packing is damaged extensively, the temperature of the spray water will be affected, resulting in a cooling effect.6q0Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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