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How to take energy-saving measures for closed cooling towers?

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2021-01-28
How to take energy-saving measures for closed cooling towers?

  If you want to adopt environmental protection and energy saving methods for closed cooling towers, I think you must first master the basic knowledge of closed cooling towers, such as the basic principles of closed cooling towers.BsCCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  The basic principle of closed cooling tower: The automatic rotating mist suction cooling tower uses the mass transfer of circulating system cooling water and cold and dry gas and the volatilization of circulating system cooling circulating water to remove the latent heat of vaporization to achieve the purpose of reducing water temperature. The circulating system cooling water with corresponding pressure enters the cooling tower through the water inlet. With the swirl jet function of the atomizer, the mist is absorbed into a mist with a diameter of 0.1mm and sprayed to the upper position of the tower, and the reverse thrust formed by the jet Push the automatic rotating equipment to rotate, causing the mist suction to fill up the whole tower. The axial flow fan installed on the tower rotates, and the cold and dry gas in the surrounding environment is forced into the cooling tower through the air inlet window to conduct heat and mass transfer with the circulating system cooling water.BsCCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  The atomizer sprays the mist suction water stream faster, and has the effect of entrainment and entrainment, so that a corresponding negative pressure is formed around the atomizer, which increases the air discharge and inlet speed of the cooling tower from the surrounding environment, and at the same time Pushing the bottom end of the gas to circulate upward, resulting in the cold and dry gas being mixed with the water mist and contacting more fully (the gas-water ratio can reach about 1.2), and the particles of the mist-absorbing water flow are further refined, and the diameter can be reduced to 0.01mm. After the gas and water are fully mixed, the mist flows upward and sprays to the water collector installed on the tower. The water is intercepted and returns to the cooling tower again in the form of a water curtain. The heat of the gas and water is discharged outside the tower through the water collector.BsCCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  It can be seen from the above work task stage that the circulating system cooling water has three stages of rising, suspending and lowering in the cooling tower. At the same time, the cooling also has two stages of co-current cooling and counter-current cooling, so the contact time with cold and dry gas is longer and more sufficient, and more and more heat is taken away. At the same time, because the filler is removed, there will be no air resistance, which reduces the output power of the motor that drives the fan to rotate, and achieves the effect of reducing operating costs and increasing the temperature difference between inlet and outlet water. In addition, the contact area of ​​water and gas after mist absorption far exceeds the contact area of ​​water and gas in a packed cooling tower. Based on these points, the heat exchange efficiency of the mist suction cooling tower is higher, the motor power fan model is smaller, and the environmental protection and energy saving effect are more obvious.BsCCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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