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Closed cooling tower under renovation features

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2021-03-31
Closed cooling tower under renovation features

  Environmental characteristics of closed cooling tower after modification, because at that time also must pay attention to turbine cooling tower fan motor and reducer, saves on the one hand, the closed cooling tower in use, can effectively reduce because of mechanical transmission and friction caused by the vibration and noise, to eliminate the possibility of a leak, greatly reduce the pollution to the environment.hnACooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Later, on the environmental protection effect of closed cooling tower, it is necessary to pay attention to the floating water rate of water turbine cooling tower is only five out of ten thousand, so that it can effectively reduce the impact of floating water on the surrounding environment. The closed cooling tower also has the characteristics of reliability when it is used, because the product is very rigorous in design, reasonable in structure, stable in operation, high in reliability, long-term continuous operation, no damaged parts, and its life can reach 80,000 hours.hnACooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  The closed cooling tower equipment also has the characteristics of high efficiency. The hydraulic turbine shaft is directly connected with the fan, and there is no need to connect it through other reducer and transmission shaft. The closed cooling tower has fewer system failure points after the transformation. The package of its rotating part is formed by one-time pressing die processing, so that the rotating part is completely and completely isolated from the water in the water chamber of the turbine. Under the guarantee of the above technical conditions, the turbine can operate for a long time without maintenance.hnACooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  In this way, it is necessary to pay attention to the cooling tower will be able to run without failure for a long time. In this way, not only save a large amount of electricity expenditure for users, but also save the cost and human resources of maintaining and replacing the cooling tower motor and reducer.hnACooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  And, for reconstruction after closed cooling tower equipment, will replace the motor, reducer and drive with a turbine parts, naturally reduce the fault point, at the same time, motor, reducer, etc in the midst of great environmental temperature humidity is extremely prone to short-circuit fire, high temperature corrosion, leakage, skid, and wear failure, these faults for turbine most fault sources are no longer exists.hnACooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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