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What are the reasons for the working of closed cooling towers?

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2021-03-05
What are the reasons for the working of closed cooling towers?

  Closed cooling tower is an application form of tubular indirect evaporative cooler. Its working principle can be divided into three parts of the cycle. Let me introduce to you what these three parts of the cycle are.GwKCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  1. Primary side heat exchange cycle:

  When the circulating hot water on the primary side (external circulation) flows through the coil of the closed cooling tower, it is divided into three steps for heat transfer: (1) First, the heat of the hot solution is transferred to the inner surface of the coil according to convective heat transfer (2) Heat conduction through the wall thickness to the outer surface of the coil; (3) Convection heat from the outer surface of the coil to the fluid water film outside the tube, and transfer heat from the water film to the air by volatilization and convection.GwKCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  2. Secondary side pre-cooling cycle:

  The tertiary side (self-circulation) spray water is pumped by the spray centrifugal water pump from the water pan under the closed cooling tower to the water distribution system. After a unique all-seeing sprinkler sprays onto the radiating material, it conducts latent heat and sensible heat exchanger with air, and flows to the coil group after pre-cooling to produce a smooth water film on the surface of the tube to absorb the heat transferred from the material in the tube Xie, returned to the water tray again, endlessly circulating like this.GwKCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  3, air circulation:

  The fan sucks the unsaturated air outside the closed cooling tower into the tower. The airflow passes through the coil, the heat sink and the spray water on the secondary side for latent heat and the sensible heat exchanger to absorb heat, and then passes through a unique water baffle. The gas and liquid are separated, and the moist air close to the saturated state is discharged out of the tower.GwKCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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