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Causes of fan noise and treatment methods

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-10-15
Causes of fan noise and treatment methods
Fans are a type of machinery and equipment that everyone often uses. Fans often generate a lot of noise during the entire process, but they may not be very aware of the special noise caused by accumulation, and the main root cause of the noise I don’t know much about it. Today everyone comes to understand the root cause of the fan.

The root cause of fan noise

1. Noise is caused by the rotation of leaves; when the leaves rotate, they will rub or collide with gas. The faster the speed, the higher the frequency of contact with the gas, and the sharper the noise. When the size or thickness of the leaves increase, this kind of situation becomes more obvious.nbrCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
2. Noise will also be generated when the leaves form a vortex; during the operation of the fan, a vortex will be formed behind the moving wings. This vortex will not only reduce the working efficiency of the fan, but also cause noise.nbrCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
3. Noise caused by turbulence; when the gas is circulating, if it encounters a sharp obstruction, it is easy to produce turbulence. Although this type of turbulence is different from a vortex, it also generates noise or noise at a very high frequency, which will also reduce the efficiency of the fan.nbrCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
4. The air duct casing oscillates and generates noise; the inner joints of the gas duct and the fan casing should be smooth to avoid roughness and unevenness, otherwise it is likely to cause tearing noise.nbrCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
The above is the general content of the root cause of fan noise that the editor explained to everyone, and I hope to bring a useful reference for everyone. If you want to know more related information, please continue to pay attention to the cooling tower manufacturer trlon or call for consultation.

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