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Reasons and solutions for the poor cooling effect of closed cooling towers

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-12-08
Reasons and solutions for the poor cooling effect of closed cooling towers

  Many industries now choose closed cooling towers, especially in the industrial and civilian fields, which can bring good effects to users, but the protection of water resources and energy conservation and emission reduction have always been problems with closed cooling towers, just like we are in In the process of using it, it can cool down, but the effect is not obvious. How to deal with this problem? Let's take a look with the editor of trlon!QwkCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  The reason for this situation may be due to the slack of the transmission belt. If the transmission skin is loose, it will cause the fan speed to decrease. We can turn off the working power of the cooling tower, adjust the motor position in the state of shutdown, and then restart the cooling tower according to the normal startup procedure after the adjustment. There is also poor bearing lubrication. In this case, the fan speed will decrease, which will affect the air volume in the closed cooling tower. It is recommended to refuel or replace the bearing in the shutdown state.QwkCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  1. After the closed cooling tower is installed, the debris and dirt on the pipes, water collectors, filling surfaces and collecting basins should be carefully removed to avoid blockages.QwkCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  2. Before using the closed cooling tower, a trial run should be carried out. Check whether the fan and tower body are installed smoothly, whether the water distributor is running normally, whether the nozzle is evenly distributed, and whether the motor is tightly protected from moisture, etc.QwkCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  3. When using a closed cooling tower, always observe and check the operation of the fan, including current, voltage, fan vibration, noise, gear oil level, whether there is oil leakage or the belt drive is loose, whether there is slippage, whether the water distribution Normal and so on.QwkCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  4. The belt drive bearing seat should be filled with lubricating grease. It should be filled with a lubricating gun once every month, and all of it should be disassembled, washed and replaced every year of continuous operation. Always pay attention to the tightening of the connecting parts and bolts.QwkCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Only by doing a good job in maintenance, we can reduce the failure rate of the new energy-saving cooling tower and keep the equipment longer service life.QwkCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  If you want to know more about closed cooling towers, you can contact the manufacturer of Kangming energy-saving air conditioning cooling towers or log on to the official website to leave a message or leave your contact information. Trlon editor will reply to you as soon as you see the information. .QwkCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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