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The reducer has a great influence on the noise of cooling tower

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-08-07
The reducer has a great influence on the noise of cooling tower
Cooling tower is a device that uses water as circulating coolant to absorb heat from a system and discharge it to the atmosphere to reduce water temperature; Its cooling is an evaporation and heat dissipation device that uses water and air flow to exchange cold and heat to generate steam. The steam volatilizes heat to achieve evaporation heat dissipation, convection heat transfer and radiation heat transfer to disperse the waste heat generated in industry or refrigeration air conditioning to reduce the water temperature, so as to ensure the normal operation of the system. The device is generally barrel shaped, so it is called cooling tower.LR2Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
The power system configuration of high-end cooling tower is top-level. The power system is composed of motor, reducer and fan. The motor is very advanced with the current technology. However, what needs to be improved in the cooling tower industry at present is the cooling tower reducer and fan, especially the precision of the cooling tower reducer and mechanical bearing, and its process still needs to be improved Space, good reducer, service life of about 10 years, its low maintenance cost, good operation effect, fine noise, no abnormal noise, even torque, even the heart of the cooling tower, very important.
TRLON air conditioning professional research and development of cooling tower power system operation, design and development of a durable cooling tower reducer, it is equipped with Japanese NTN high-precision bearings, the upper and lower ends are equipped with safety oil seals, good waterproof performance, to avoid water vapor erosion bearings. The design of disc-shaped steel seat support and amplitude plate belt wheel is compact in structure, with static balance check, stable operation and low noise. The product and technology are widely used in cooling tower equipment in various fields, and have obtained a very good reputation.LR2Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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