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Solution to insufficient ventilation of FRP cooling tower

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-10-14
Solution to insufficient ventilation of FRP cooling tower
  FRP cooling towers are used for cooling and cooling of central air conditioning cooling towers and industrial machinery. The purpose of transferring heat to the air is achieved by the heat exchange between water and air. The quality of the flowing air in the tower determines the role of water-to-air heat exchange. When the FRP cooling tower is insufficiently ventilated, the water-to-air heat exchange performance will decrease accordingly.dw2Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
  Find out the reasons for insufficient ventilation of FRP cooling towers and make targeted adjustments. It is very important to provide good cooling and cooling services for the normal operation of FRP cooling towers.

  1, the transmission belt is loose

  The driving belt of the fan power motor is loose, causing the fan speed to decrease. At this time, although the motor continues to provide kinetic energy, the efficiency of converting kinetic energy into fan power is reduced, the fan speed is not up to standard, the ventilation in the tower is insufficient, and the cooling efficiency of the FRP cooling tower is reduced.dw2Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
  In order to solve the problem of the motor-driven belt loosening, it is necessary to turn off the working power of the FRP cooling tower, adjust the motor position, tension or replace the belt when it stops. After adjustment, restart the FRP cooling tower according to the normal start-up procedure.

  2, poor bearing lubrication

  The bearing of the fan drives the rotation of the blades. When the bearing is poorly lubricated, the fan speed will decrease, which will affect the ventilation capacity in the tower, which in turn will cause the cooling capacity of the FRP cooling tower to decrease.dw2Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
  If the bearing is not properly lubricated, it should be re-lubricated or replaced when it is out of service.

  3, the fan blade angle is inappropriate

  The fan blades are designed and manufactured according to the oblique angle layout standard. During operation, if there is an angular deviation of the fan blades, the angle should be corrected in the shutdown state to ensure the normal operation of the fan and meet the design ventilation requirements.

  4, the fan blade is damaged

  Damage to the fan blades will cause unstable operation of the fan and insufficient air volume. When the blade is damaged, the fan should be turned off and disassembled, and the blade should be removed for repair or replacement.

  5, the package is partially blocked

  Fiberglass cooling tower stuffing blockage will cause the air inlet to be blocked, local airflow will be blocked, and the water-gas heat transfer performance in the tower will be affected. Regular cleaning of packing or replacement of damaged packing can quickly solve the problem of packing siltation and ensure the normal flow of air inside and outside the tower.

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