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Solution to water leakage of FRP cooling tower

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-10-14
Solution to water leakage of FRP cooling tower
First, we must first find out the leaking point, and then clean the leaking point and the surrounding 15 cm area, and then use an exhaust fan to dry it, or dry towels and other items to dry the water. In the future, use an electric angle grinder to roughen up the water leakage. After the polishing process is finished, mix the special type of FRP glue, and wipe it evenly on the leakage point and the surrounding 15 cm area. After the glue is wiped, the special glue for glass fiber reinforced plastic is deployed. According to different products and its application environment, 3-10 layers of glass fiber cloth are selectively made, and the glue should be brushed for each layer of cloth. The glue should be glass fiber The cloth is soaked, otherwise it is invalid. After several layers have been planned, the quick-drying FRP special glue will be deployed again to ensure that the waterproof plugging is perfect! After making the glue, let it dry, of course, for 24 hours. Twenty-four hours later, the FRP cooling tower can be used again.

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