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Analysis on the necessity of noise control of enclosed cooling tower

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-11-05
Analysis on the necessity of noise control of enclosed cooling tower
Industrial cooling tower is a good way to form the heat of refrigeration equipment in manufacturing enterprises at present, if it is the manufacturer can not leave the cooling tower. At present, with the rapid development in China in recent years, there are more and more production and processing factories, and the covering space even comes to the neighborhood. The noise of cooling tower has already harmed the living environment of nearby residents. In many cooling towers, the noise of sealed cooling towers is the most obvious. Due to environmental regulations on noise pollution, manufacturing enterprises need to make corresponding changes, otherwise it will harm the living conditions of residents. If there are more residents, manufacturers will be forced to relocate and operating costs will be increased. Many have not used the cooling tower manufacturers, think that the use of other types of specifications of the cooling tower will not be able to have noise, such as circular cooling tower, this kind of understanding is not correct, if it is the cooling tower is the formation of noise pollution, but the extent of coverage is divided.kQ3Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
kQ3Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
The noise of sealed cooling tower is mainly caused by the water pouring during operation, and the noise caused by the vibration of fan and water pump. After these kinds of noises are mixed together, the damage range of noise and common vibration formed by them is particularly large. In many processes, the noise can be determined within 30 to 50 meters near the water tower. Although ordinary industrial cooling towers are added with muffler tiles and sound insulation barriers, the noise is still located at 60-70dB, which is just at the passing line of 55-65dB in the domestic noise pollution code. The same is true for circular cooling towers.kQ3Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Now there are already many production processing factory tried many ways to prevent closure closed cooling tower noise pollution, which is formed by the basic handling if it weren't for selecting noise barrier, also is our above noise barriers, or pumps to solve noise is selected, the solution is varied, the environment change led manufacturers need to have to try a variety of ways to solve this problem. There are a lot of manufacturer can adopt some innovative way of noise reduction, such as "hat", "ground" and "wear skirt" and so on the way, this is all new technology, at the same time, on the basis of cost control by considering the result, actually the result of the innovation thought that this manufacturer faces the confidence and the necessity of industrial cooling tower noise reduction. Technology is improving, and many old manufacturers may still be using circular cooling towers, but noise reduction is all the same, using a variety of noise reduction methods to prevent nearby residents and office workers from noise pollution.

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