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Application of square cooling tower in electroplating industry

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-11-05
Application of square cooling tower in electroplating industry

Application of square cooling tower in electroplating industry

Faced with electroplating and electrophoretic coating, these are basically cooled by electroplating solution in an electroplating bath. Then how to choose cooling tower and chiller? General cooling methods are divided into, direct cooling and indirect cooling.hjDCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Because the water in the bottom basin of the square cooling tower passes through the water pump to the condenser of the chiller, it will pass through the cooling. The water then flows back into the cooling tower as the spray drops down and the fan at the top of the tower cools the water through and then flows back to the bottom of the tower, creating this cycle.hjDCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
When the condenser cooling inside the refrigerant liquid form, and then on into the water tank inside the evaporator evaporation, but at the time of evaporation needs to absorb heat, it will drop water tank water through cooling, after cooling water pumps and then on to the heat exchanger, then in the flow process of overheating will cool for sulfuric acid, which is such a cycle of the program

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