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Noise reduction method of square cooling tower

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-11-06
Noise reduction method of square cooling tower

1) Adopt a silencer

Control the noise of inlet and outlet pipes of exhaust fan of cooling tower, and install the melting sound (non-standard customized) muffler at the inlet and outlet of cooling tower; The relative cooling tower with significant noise of inlet and outlet pipe has a significant effect on the actual noise reduction.

2) Set up efficient noise barriers

It is another way to reduce the total noise of cooling tower by using sound barrier to set the enclosure of cooling tower and combining the sound absorbing structure of muffling louver and sound insulation board into an efficient sound insulation structure. This kind of sound insulation, sound-absorbing structure can reduce the cooling tower intake, exhaust pipe dynamic noise, water spray noise, electromagnetic noise of motor and mechanical noise of transmission parts.

3) Noise-cancelling pads are installed on part of the pavement

Silencing pad placed on the surface of the water plate is also an effective way to reduce the noise caused by water pouring in cooling tower.

4) Shock absorber and rubber soft connection

Cooling tower foot pedestal between the pavement and damping spring damper installation, the pipe end to install soft rubber joints, at the same time, the cooling tower if placed in the roof platform, also need to set the shock absorber in the pipes connected to the roof or shock pad, the above measures can greatly reduce the vibration and the noise pollution sources spread over a long distance and the surrounding hazards.

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