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How to remove dirt on cooling tower packing?

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-11-09
How to remove dirt on cooling tower packing?
This article introduces two cleaning methods for cooling tower packing. Since cooling tower packing is an important part of cooling tower, its efficiency depends on the degree of contact between cooling water and air in the packing. The packaging has the advantages of 50c-68c temperature resistance, aging resistance, UV resistance, and long life.

(1)Cooling tower packing cleaning method:

Manually clean the dirt falling off the cooling tower. Use a high-pressure water gun to repeatedly clean the filler to remove the sludge and dirt under cleaning. After dissolving the TNB safe and efficient dirt agent with hot water at about 50°C, use the cleaning pump to repeatedly clean the filler until Until the dirt is cleaned (the filling agent has a long service life, aging and collapse, it is recommended to replace the filling agent), and at the same time add a bactericidal algicide to completely kill biological algae and bacteria

(2)Cooling tower packing cleaning method:

Temporarily use plastic sheeting to build a large pool; add cleaning agent to clean water; remove the filler from the cooling tower and soak it in the medicine tank; rinse the soaked filler with clean water and put it back in the cooling tower; on the cooling tower water supply device Put a piece of cloth, cloth with chemicals, soak and dredge the water replenishment device port; use the same method to clean the scale on the cooling tower chassis; rinse the filler and the inside and outside of the tower with clean water; restore all parts of the system and use it for replenishment.

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