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Detailed solution for cooling tower water leakage

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-10-23
Detailed solution for cooling tower water leakage
   Cooling tower water leakage generally occurs after the cooling tower is aging. Of course, it is also possible that the cooling tower that has just been constructed has water leakage during the initial commissioning, which indicates that the cooling tower has a deviation during manufacturing. But these are not problems, as long as you refer to the solutions in this article, you can solve the phenomenon of water leakage in the cooling tower. 【Cooling Tower Manufacturer】

  Common cooling tower water leakage has the following four types:

   1. The tower body is corroded and damaged and leaks; 2. The tower body plate connection leaks; 3. Pipeline leaks; 4. Water pump leaks.1LCCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
   1. Tower body corrosion and water leakage. This is due to long-term use and environmental corrosion has corroded the tower body's manufacturing materials, resulting in uneven thickness of the tower body, and destructive water leakage will occur where the thickness is relatively thin. Water leakage can increase water consumption. If it is a glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower, we can use the method of cleaning the surface, polishing it, degreasing with a cleaning agent, and reinforcing it with epoxy repair agent + glass fiber tape. If it is made of aluminum-zinc plate, we Consider replacing part of the aluminum-zinc plate.1LCCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
   2. Water leaks at the junction of the tower body pool. When assembling the cooling tower, the aluminized zinc plates are wiped with coke for compaction and sealing. Long-term operation, receiving the impact of spray water, deformation of the tower body, and peeling of the sealant will cause water leakage at the connection. Because the spray water is concentrated in the bottom of the pool, the leaking water needs to be continuously supplemented with spray water. The closed cooling tower sections are all aluminum-zinc plates, and we can fill the gaps in the cooling tower with sealant to plug leakage.1LCCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
   3. The connecting pipe is leaking. When connecting the pipeline, some flanges and elbows are connected. When connecting, we add a sealing ring between the two connectors. The pipeline leaks. For most reasons, the pipeline connection is not lost. The sealing ring Damage or positional displacement will cause the seal to be weak and cause water leakage.1LCCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
  4. Water pump leakage, this is very rare. This should contact the pump manufacturer as soon as possible, saying that the water leakage will cause pressure instability and affect water circulation.

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