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Cooling tower noise and noise solutions

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-10-23
Cooling tower noise and noise solutions

Cooling tower noise solutions reduce noise pollution to the surrounding environment.

Identify the noise source

To deal with the noise problem of cooling towers, we must first clarify where the noise comes from before we can "symptomatically treat" the problem. After several years of working experience in the service industry of Teling cooling towers, the key to cooling tower noise can be divided into: splash Water flow sound, exhaust fan running sound, motor motor sound, circulating water pump motor sound, water supply pipeline vibration sound, etc. Among them, the sound of water splashing in the cooling tower, the sound of exhaust fans, and the sound of electric motors, water pumps and motors are the key noise sources.

1. Splashing noise

Splashing noise is caused by two different noise principles: one is the sharp pulse noise emitted when water droplets collide with the water; the other is the noise diffused by the volume of bubbles caused by water droplets. Because the cooling tower has a strong sound insulation function, the splashing noise from the tower body can be ignored, and only the splashing noise from the air inlet needs to be considered. The cooling tower manufacturer Teling air conditioner has a high drop height due to the high water drop of the cooling tower, and the splashing efficiency and energy of the water droplets are high, resulting in high splashing noise.

2. Noise of exhaust fan

Exhaust fan noise is aerodynamic noise, including running noise and turbulence noise. Operating noise is the gas pressure volume noise caused by the regular blow to the gas when the exhaust fan impeller is running; turbulence noise is mainly the noise caused by the continuous slippage of the gas attached to the impeller into a vortex when the exhaust fan impeller is running. The noise of the exhaust fan of the cooling tower is mainly turbulence noise.

3. Motor water pump motor noise

Exhaust fans and water pumps need to be equipped with motors. The key to the noise of the motor includes the running noise caused by the poor dynamic balance of the rotor, the electromagnetic noise caused by the cutting magnetic field of the rotor, the aerodynamic noise of the cooling fan, and the mechanical noise caused by the friction of the rolling bearing. .5u2Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Comparison of the effect of cooling tower noise solution before and after implementation.

Noise solution

After clarifying the noise source, Teling Cooling Tower pointed out the following solutions based on the above three different types of cooling tower noise, hoping to help customers and consumers to some extent.

1. Sound-absorbing cotton felt

The key to the sound-absorbing cotton felt is to be applied to the circulating water pump of the cooling tower. This material has better heat dissipation. It is not easy to be damaged by the heat of the water pump for a long time, and it will also reduce the noise transmission of the pump vibration.

2. Sound barrier

The sound barrier is actually set up a barrier around the cooling tower to block the path of noise. The inner screen of the barrier sets the noise absorption point, and the transmitted sound undergoes multiple reflections, reducing the decibel of the sound

3. Basic sound insulation and noise reduction

This method is to block sound vibration and deal with the source of noise from the source.

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