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What is a good way to prevent freezing of a closed cooling tower

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2021-10-09
What is a good way to prevent freezing of a closed cooling tower

  Because some closed cooling towers operate all day in winter, some operate part of the time, and some are simply not used in winter. However, they all have a common need to consider. Today, the cooling tower manufacturer trlon air conditioner will explain to us how to prevent freezing in winter for closed cooling towers.yZHCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  The antifreeze of the closed cooling tower includes a closed cooling tower shell, a centrifugal fan for cooling, a water-cooled heat dissipation spray device, a coil type heat pipe radiator and a cooling stainless steel water tank. The above coil type heat pipe radiator consists of several groups of horizontally placed The bow-shaped cooling coil is composed of the above-mentioned bow-shaped cooling coil. The horizontal straight pipe of each bow-shaped cooling coil is placed diagonally upward from the water inlet to the water outlet. Each group of bow-shaped cooling disks The water inlet of the pipe is connected with a water distribution pipe, and the water distribution pipe is equipped with a drain valve and is connected with the water inlet pipe of the antifreeze closed cooling tower. , The water supply pipe is equipped with an active exhaust valve, and is connected with the return pipe of the antifreeze closed cooling tower. The coil-type heat pipe radiator of the utility model has obvious drainage effect, can effectively avoid freezing and rupture in winter, and does not increase the use and protection cost, its structure is simple, the production is convenient, and it is suitable for metallurgical industry, forging, cooling, etc. The cooling of the field.yZHCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  At present, the cooling towers used in the metallurgical industry, forging, cooling and other fields to select fluid heat exchange methods are mainly divided into open cooling towers and closed cooling towers. Open cooling towers are simply polluted because of their circulating water, causing pipelines and cooling. Scaling in the system, and then reducing the cooling power: In addition, the filler in the open cooling tower is easy to weather and needs to be replaced frequently. Therefore, its operation protection cost is high. The antifreeze closed cooling tower uses soft water (distilled water) as the circulating cooling water, which does not touch the air and does not require a special pool. Its operation protection cost is low, and its service life is long. Therefore, it has been widely used.yZHCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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