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Price cannot be the only factor in choosing a cooling tower

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-10-13
Price cannot be the only factor in choosing a cooling tower
Many customers take price as the primary consideration when choosing a cooling tower manufacturer. Although the best price is available in the market environment, they are often not on the same starting line. The selected cooling tower is a reduced version, not the cheapest. Today The editor will give everyone a general idea if you choose a cooling tower with a higher price tag.ZLgCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
High-quality cooling tower manufacturers are first of all focusing on quality, and there are also differences in the selection of materials. We do not differ in terms of production technology, and there are differences in the selection of components. High-quality manufacturers will choose imported cooling Tower motor, or well-known domestic motor brand. The cooling tower fan and reducer will still refer to the motor standard. Because the power system determines the service life of the product, it is related to the brand's future market reputation. The heat dissipation filler cannot be simply understood as the choice of Nanya sheet material or brand new materials to determine the quality of the production. It also requires the cooling tower manufacturer's heat dissipation area to reach 6 square meters or more, and the manufacturer's energy consumption ratio must meet the national standard within 0.035. The cooling tower selected under this framework is 100% efficient. Let's see which manufacturer offers a more favorable price.ZLgCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
A high-quality cooling tower manufacturer must have a complete after-sales service system. As long as the cooling tower unit operating in the market, anyone can come up with some performance. However, few companies can do well in after-sales service. At present, the entire cooling tower industry pays more attention to pre-sales service. Before you pay, the manufacturer's service is in place, in order to be able to sign your contract. After receiving the money, once there is a service, there are a lot of excuses. It was a 180-degree turn from the attitude before the sale. This is actually a very offensive behavior. It is also the current scale disease of the entire cooling tower industry. Therefore, it is recommended that customers carefully study and consider comprehensively when choosing suppliers.ZLgCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
There are many conditions for high-quality cooling tower manufacturers, such as CTI certification, energy-saving and water-saving certification, national test reports and so on.

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