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What material is the countercurrent closed cooling tower made of?

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2021-04-09
What material is the countercurrent closed cooling tower made of?

  With the development of industrial manufacturing, closed cooling towers are increasingly used for industrial cooling. Closed cooling towers are divided into three categories: counter flow, cross flow and composite flow. Today, trlon closed-circuit cooling tower manufacturer talks with you to understand the material composition of counter-flow closed-circuit cooling towers, and see if you know what materials are made of counter-flow closed-circuit cooling towers?dz9Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  The materials commonly used in countercurrent closed cooling towers are FRP, aluminum-zinc plates, stainless steel plates and magnesium-aluminum-zinc plates.dz9Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  1. FRP is a reinforced plastic material. FRP is divided into different fiber composite materials, the more common ones are: carbon fiber, glass fiber, boron fiber and so on. Can withstand greater force, has high viscoelasticity and elastic plasticitydz9Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  2. The surface of the aluminized zinc plate is silver-white, and it is scattered on the even metal material pattern, shiny and smooth. Aluminized zinc sheet is made by processing zinc and aluminum according to the metal electroplating process. The coating is mainly aluminum. Aluminum coating can reach 55%, zinc coating can reach 43%, and there is a small amount of metallic silicon inside. In the metal electroplating process, the independent metal material coating process is basically similar to the various metal material coating processes, and the continuous melt coating process is selected. In the long-term practical experience of relevant experts, aluminum-zinc alloy has stronger corrosion resistance and ductility.dz9Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  3. The surface of the stainless steel plate is smooth and flat, with high brightness and good corrosion resistance in humid environments. Compared with traditional steel plates, it has better corrosion resistance in acidic and alkaline environments. Stainless steel plates have a variety of materials, including nickel, chromium, titanium, aluminum, manganese and other metal material molecules. The water content of the metal material molecule is the basis for reflecting the corrosion ability of the stainless steel plate.dz9Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  4. The main superior performance of magnesium-aluminum-zinc plate is reflected in: good corrosion resistance, cross-section corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance of processed parts, and good corrosion resistance and coating. The gold-plated layer is mainly composed of four metal material molecules of magnesium, zinc, aluminum and silicon. The mixture is in close contact with the gold layer.dz9Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  The above is the material introduction of the countercurrent closed cooling tower. If you want to know more about closed cooling towers, please go to know.dz9Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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