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How to choose a closed cooling tower

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-11-16
How to choose a closed cooling tower

  Basically, the purchasing department of all companies must consider a personal question before purchasing a closed cooling tower: how to choose a closed cooling tower? How can we more accurately select a closed cooling tower to achieve sufficient cooling efficiency, Without wasting resources? There is a specialty in the technical field. Of course, it depends on professionals to do professional things.s7DCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Let's design standard of closed cooling tower is that when the humidity is 28 degrees, the temperature of the closed cooling tower drops to 5 degrees (37 degrees to 32 degrees). Many consumers who do not know the fluid cooling tower mistakenly believe that the fluid cooling tower can cool to all temperatures. In fact, because the working principle of a closed cooling tower is to reduce the temperature through evaporation and heat absorption, it can only reduce the local humidity by about 4 degrees. If you want to reduce the temperature to a lower temperature, you have to cooperate with the cooler or refrigeration unit to achieve it.s7DCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Fluid closed cooling towers can be divided into composite flow closed cooling towers and countercurrent closed cooling towers. The so-called composite flow and counterflow, but the inlet prescription position of the two is different. So, how can consumers choose the suitable closed cooling tower method according to their own working standards? Have more than 10 years of experience in selecting closed closed cooling towers The manufacturer will provide you with reasonable recommendations. Normally, there is a lot of wind and sand in the north. It is recommended to choose a counter-flow closed cooling tower, which has a distinctive air intake grille design and has excellent wind and sand prevention effects. In the southern region, a composite closed cooling tower can be selected, with an additional air inlet surface, a larger air inlet, and better cooling efficiency.s7DCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  If you are in a water shortage area in the northwest, and you do not want the closed cooling tower to produce a lot of white mist in the autumn and winter seasons, it is recommended to use a dry and wet closed closed cooling tower. The upper finned tube of the closed cooling tower has A cooler, an air coolers7DCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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