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The cooling tower manufacturer tells you what types of cooling towers are divided into

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-10-23
The cooling tower manufacturer tells you what types of cooling towers are divided into

1. Countercurrent cooling tower

     There are two types of blast type and exhaust type, and the exhaust type countercurrent cooling tower. According to the cooling temperature difference of water, counter-flow cooling towers are divided into two types: low temperature difference (temperature difference 5'C) and medium temperature difference (temperature difference 10'C). The specifications and performance can be found in books such as refrigeration equipment manuals.xWrCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
     The draft cooling tower takes in air from both sides. When the water level is less than 1000t/h, it will be made into a round glass fiber reinforced plastic single tower. The larger one is usually multiple towers connected in a row, each tower is square or rectangular. The hot water enters the cooling tower through the upper water pipe and passes through the trough or needle water distribution system. Make the hot water evenly distributed along the plane of the tower in a net shape. Then the hot water is sprayed onto the filler through the nozzle, passes through the material, passes through the air distribution area in the form of rain, and falls into the bottom of the tower. The air enters the tower from the air inlet, passes through the rain area under the packing, passes through the packing in countercurrent with the hot water, passes through the water collector and the exhaust fan, and is discharged from the wind. The spray density is generally 12^-15t/m2 "h. The wind speed through the filler section is 2. 2^-3. Om/s. The ratio of the area of the air inlet to the cross-sectional area of the grave material is 0.5-0.6.
Cross flow cooling tower

2.Cross flow cooling tower

     In a cross-flow cooling tower, the flow direction of air and water crosses during the heat and mass transfer process. Therefore, compared with the counter-flow cooling tower, the cooling effect is poor. In addition, the return air volume is larger, but its water distribution system is simple. Easy to maintain. And the power consumption is low. It is mainly composed of tower body, fan, water distribution and water spraying parts. Generally, the wind speed of the filler section is 2. 2-3. Om/s, and the material is installed inclined to ensure that water does not spill out of the filler during operation. For drip-type packing, the inclination angle is 9*-11*; for film-type packing, the inclination angle is 5.-6. The ratio of filler height and depth is 2-2.5. Install shutters at the air inlet. The angle between the blade surface and the horizontal plane is 450-600. The water distribution tray is used. In order to ensure a more uniform water depth, the water distribution tray can be divided into multiple grids. Holes are drilled at the bottom of the plate, and nozzles are installed to spray hot water onto the material, and then flow into the pool at the bottom. The water density can reach 50t/M2·h.
FRP cooling tower

3. FRP cooling tower

     Commonly known as cooling towers, cold water towers, cold water towers, glass steel towers, water towers, etc., there are mainly square, round, closed, cross-flow, and counter-flow series of cooling towers.

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