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The importance of descaling of cooling towers

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-10-26
The importance of descaling of cooling towers
The cooling tower system management is the cooling purpose of the liquid refrigerant in the endothermic reaction of the air-conditioning evaporator, evaporating into low-temperature bottom pressure steam, shrinking the machine, shrinking into ultra-high pressure steam and entering the cooling tower, the cooling material of the cooling tower (determining Compound) (water or gas), the heat is released, the collected high-pressure liquid, the overflow valve throttle valve of the low-temperature bottom pressure refrigerant, enters the air conditioning evaporator again to evaporate the heat, and perform the cooling function of the water circulation system. In this way, the refrigerant in the system management is based on the whole process of evaporation, shrinkage, cooling, and throttle to perform a refrigeration cycle.

The importance of descaling in work for cooling towers.

The closed structure of the cooling tower is the root cause of the scale inside.JqWCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

During the work of the water circulation system for descaling by the cooling tower manufacturer, the water communicates with gas and self-spraying water in the bumpy coil array. The long-term closed-circuit water circulation system causes the impurities in the water to be unable to be discharged, and the water output decreases faster. In the whole process of rising impurity concentration, many microbial strains are bred in high temperature natural environment. The onset and progress of this kind of fundamental problem will inevitably lead to scale formation in the coil, and even cause acid compounds to corrode and erode the tube body and waterways.JqWCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
The metal composite material of the cooling tower is corroded and eroded due to gas intrusion during the shutdown of the machinery and equipment; during the operation of the cooling tower, the dissolved substances in the water will cause the metal material to etch the expected effect. The etched scale formed in this way has a worrying effect on the surface and inner components of the cooling tower, which will damage the service life of the cooling tower.JqWCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
In the cleaning condition of the cooling tower's descaling coil, the transmitted heat can directly communicate with gas and water. The heat pipe is good for heat dissipation and the cooling efficiency is high. If there is scale on the inside and outside of the coil, the heat dissipation must be transferred to the gas and water by using the scale. The heat convection rate of the scale is very low. A piece of scale will cause worrying damage to the heat pipe of the cooling tower and cause the cooling tower. The heat dissipation and cooling effect of the heat pipe cannot be achieved.JqWCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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