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Maintenance of cooling tower accessories

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-10-26
Maintenance of cooling tower accessories
   The cold water sump should adhere to the water depth of the pool to avoid cavitation. The freeboard height of the sump is 15~30cm, and the following is the useful volume of the pool. The water level of the pool should be maintained at a certain level, otherwise the compensation water valve needs to be adjusted. For cross-flow cooling towers, if the operating water level is lower than the planning requirements, air baffles should be installed below the original water surface to avoid air bypass.gtPCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
The cold pool should be cleaned from time to time to remove the silt and adhesions accumulated on the bottom of the pool, remove the falling debris of the filler and its support, keep the grille of the pump suction port clean, and check the leakage of the collection pool from time to time, if required When repairing, it is necessary to pay attention to the normal operation of the acid, chlorine, and water quality stability agent distribution equipment.gtPCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
   Make-up water volume and mud volume are closely related to the water quality control of circulating water, and the dosage should be adjusted in time according to the requirements of the system. The hot water distribution system adheres to the clean and dredging of the hot water distribution system, including regulating valves, pressure stabilizing equipment, water delivery and distribution pipes, nozzles, splashers, and regulating the water flow of each sink in the distribution pool to obtain the same water depth. 100~150cm), if there is a big change in the amount of circulating water entering the tower, the water distribution pipe and nozzle should be adjusted accordingly.gtPCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
   Fans and their transmission equipment Fans and drive shafts: regularly check the appearance of the fan blades for damage or abnormalities. When checking the drive shafts and couplings, stick to a horizontal straight line. Gear reducer: regularly check the oil level and oil temperature in the gear reducer, and use seasonal temporary parking, interchange the oil, and check various parts.

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