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How far is the noise of the cooling tower to the surrounding residents

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2021-02-01
How far is the noise of the cooling tower to the surrounding residents

  Cooling towers are most commonly used for air-conditioning, refrigeration, and refrigeration of industrial machinery and equipment. When the cooling tower is working, it will bring very loud noise. This type of noise will bring noise pollution to residential areas and commercial blocks that are close to each other. General work and daily life. Especially with the increase in the use of central air conditioning, many office buildings, commercial complexes, commercial buildings, hotels, restaurants, residential buildings, etc. will have cooling towers. This cooling tower is mainly used for cooling the central air conditioning unit, which is convenient Since air conditioning units can work normally, how many floors will this type of noise affect? What is the impact on surrounding residents?T41Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  How far does the noise of the cooling tower harm the surrounding residents, and how many floors will it affect?

  The area affected by cooling tower noise should be determined based on the actual installation and use of the natural environment. Generally, compared to office buildings and commercial complexes, the affected groups are mainly corporate office employees and shop employees. If the cooling tower is placed in a commercial complex Therefore, the surrounding flat floors and high-rise residential buildings will be affected. The closer the distance is, the greater the noise value. Because the sound spreads to the high altitude, the corporate office employees of high-rise residential buildings are also affected; if If it is placed on the top floor, it will affect the buildings on several floors below the top floor and the residents close to the building (the distance between them is less than 20 meters).T41Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Compared with cooling towers in hotel restaurants, the key to noise pollution is the surrounding residents and hotel room occupants. This is also the reason why there are more complaints about noise from cooling towers in hotel restaurants. The cooling tower in the hospital affects patients close to the ward. The cooling towers of residential buildings affect residents of surrounding buildings.T41Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Therefore, cooling tower noise will affect the surrounding 3~5 floors, causing noise pollution. The direct damage caused by cooling tower noise is not significant because of high-frequency noise, but the damage is indeed long-term and lasting. Cooling tower noise is low-frequency Noise, noise can directly reach the ear bones of the human body, causing symptoms such as increased blood pressure, accelerated heartbeat, irritability, and neurasthenia. If you are troubled by the noise of the cooling tower, you can consult our trlon air conditioner, which professionally manages the noise of the cooling tower, has many years of experience in cooling tower noise reduction technology, has many successful construction cases, and the treatment effect is very good!T41Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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