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How to choose between closed and open cooling towers

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2021-08-20
How to choose between closed and open cooling towers

  The cooling principle is just two cycles: an inner cycle and an outer cycle. Without fillers, the main core part is the surface cooler for copper pipes.qY3Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Internal circulation: connect with the target equipment to form a closed circulation system (the circulation medium is soft water). Cool the target device and bring heat from the target device to the cooling device.qY3Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  External circulation: In the cooling tower, the cooling tower itself is cooled. It is not in contact with the internal circulating water, and only uses the copper tube surface cooler in the cooling tower for heat exchange and heat dissipation. In this cooling mode, the operation of the motor is set according to the water temperature through automatic control.qY3Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  When the ambient temperature is high in spring and summer, two cycles need to be run at the same time. In autumn and winter, the ambient temperature is not high, and in most cases only one internal loop is needed.qY3Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Closed cooling tower, or closed cooling tower, also called closed cooling tower.qY3Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  The closed cooling tower originated from the evaporative cooler, but in fact it is a heat exchanger that combines the performance of a water-cooled cooler and a conventional cooling tower. It is also a heat exchanger between a water cooler and an air cooler, so there are manufacturers Call it "evaporative air cooler". At present, there are many forms of this kind of cooling equipment, and their common feature is water spraying and forced ventilation outside the district heat exchanger. Heat is transferred from the cooling fluid in the baffle heat exchanger through the wall to the spray water outside the wall, and then is transferred to the air by forced convection between the spray water and the air. The heat transfer of the spray water to the air is mainly composed of the latent heat of evaporation of the spray water and the sensible heat exchange between the spray water and the air. Since the cooled fluid flows in a closed loop between the baffle heat exchanger and the external process equipment, it is called a "closed tower" because it is different from a general cooling tower where the cooled fluid is in direct contact with air , And the general cooling tower is correspondingly called "open tower".qY3Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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