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Cooling tower noise treatment implementation plan

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-11-19
Cooling tower noise treatment implementation plan
In modern society, cooling towers can be seen everywhere in common daily life production and processing, such as large shopping malls, commercial and office buildings. The extensive use of cooling towers also leads to different levels of noise pollution. The noise source of cooling towers is very harmful to the daily life and operation of residents, which will harm their physical and mental health for a long time. Then how to deal with the noise source of cooling tower? Next, let's understand the implementation scheme of cooling tower noise treatment.
Cooling tower noise control in shopping malls

Classic case one: a large mall cooling tower noise too large

1. Construction site conditions

The top floor is equipped with a cooling tower. The cooling tower is composed of 11 units with three rows in the east-west orientation. On the north side of the cooling tower, about 35-45 meters away from the building is the residential and commercial center. As the cooling tower is close to the residents, noise pollution will be formed during the operation of the cooling tower.

2. Adhering to the basic principles of economy, rationality and effectiveness, the company has clearly proposed the following implementation plans for noise control:

1) On the east side of the cooling tower, a sound insulation barrier with a height of 6m is set 2.3 meters from the cooling tower and 30 centimeters from the eastern parapet wall. The sound insulation screen is 15.5 meters long;uBTCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
2) Soundproof screen shall be set on the daughter wall in the north of the cooling tower. The barrier wall shall be as high as the top of the barrier wall in the east (the barrier wall is about 4.8m high and 26m long).uBTCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
3) In order to facilitate the maintenance of the equipment in the adjacent top floor, the sound insulation panel in the north should be set at an appropriate position with a shape size of 2000*1000.uBTCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
4) The main part of the acoustic insulation barrier: 6mmFC solid board protective surface is used on the outside, 80mm sound-absorbing cotton is used on the inside, and 4mm thick, 18%FC pore board protective surface is used on the inside.uBTCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
5) Foundation part of the acoustic insulation barrier: concrete foundation is adopted in the east, and chemical bolts are planted in the north to directly install the acoustic insulation barrier on the daughter's wall.uBTCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
6) In order to reduce the project budget and at the same time improve the reasonable, effective, high and beautiful practical effect of the insulation barrier, an inward-sloping canopy is made at the top of the insulation barrier.uBTCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
The exterior color of the acoustic insulation barrier is clear according to the needs of the community owners.
Hospital cooling tower noise treatment

Classic case two: some hospital cooling tower

I. Construction site conditions

The key noise sources of cooling tower are fan noise source, motor noise source and water shower noise. The key is the control of noise source of top vent of cooling tower. The cooling tower in Building 2 of the hospital is located on the top floor, surrounded by a courtyard wall which is higher than the cooling tower vent. The air intake is on one side of the hospital, and the water dripping side is equipped with a muffler. Therefore, the noise source caused by the water pouring is basically harmless to residential buildings

Specific measures for noise reduction of cooling towers.

1) An array silencer is installed above the vents of three groups of cooling towers. The overall size of the vent silencer is: 18410mm*3610mm*2600mm; The size of the inner muffler cylinder is 230mm*230mm*1500mm; Spacing shall not exceed 130mm. The noise attenuation volume is designed at 25dB(A), and the actual reasonable and effective noise attenuation volume is above 20dB(A).uBTCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
2) FC composite plate (12mm+100mm+8mm) is selected as the main material of the outer wall of the array silencer, with the total thickness over 100mm. FC plate corrosion resistance, rain anti rust treatment, long service life.uBTCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
3) The detachable structure of the silencer barrel, and the silencer housing is open for maintenance of the glottis, which is conducive to the maintenance of the cooling tower motor.uBTCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
The noise treatment of cooling tower is controlled according to the noise situation on site. This paper analyzes the noise treatment measures of cooling tower from two cases. Adopting noise reduction equipment and noise reduction scheme according to local conditions can realize environmental protection

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