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Maintenance during operation and preparation before use of FRP cooling tower

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-10-27
Maintenance during operation and preparation before use of FRP cooling tower
      The preparation before use of FRP cooling tower and the maintenance during operation, in order to enable FRP cooling tower to perform its best function, thereby extending the life of FRP cooling tower, then good inspection and maintenance are necessary. Under normal circumstances, a comprehensive observation of the glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower is required every day to ensure its normal operation.ZnWCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
      FRP cooling towers need to be thoroughly inspected and cleaned when working. And the part of the work needs to do a more detailed inspection, wait until there are no problems before proceeding. After passing through the inspection door and entering the tower, it is necessary to clean up the debris and silt on the bottom basin of the cooling tower, and to check whether the pipes are blocked. Use high-pressure water to wash the heat sink film and the soil on the bottom basin of the cooling tower, and drain the sewage through the drain. And also need to check the motor wiring is correct. Check the tightness of the belt in the belt drive equipment of the FRP cooling tower. Check whether the rotation of the fan is more flexible and so on. Internal modification of FRP cooling tower: Use high-performance resin matrix and reinforcing fiber additives to improve the quality of FRP. This method is costly. FRP products are limited in their application due to their weather resistance, poor wear resistance and low hardness, and the market needs FRP products with good appearance and high cost performance. There are two ways to solve the defects of FRP products: internal modification and surface coating. Surface coating: In the molding process or after molding of FRP products, various materials with high performance or a specific function are used to modify, protect or give new functions to the surface of FRP products to improve the quality and competition of products force.ZnWCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
      The surface is high-quality and multi-functional, without changing the formula and process conditions of FRP products. Most of the surface protection of FRP uses simple methods such as spray paint or spray gel coat, but the quality is poor and requires frequent maintenance. The high-performance glass fiber reinforced plastic surface protection refers to the coating technology with high decorativeness, heavy anti-corrosion, super weather resistance, functionalization and easy construction.ZnWCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
      High-performance FRP surface protection has the following requirements: Paint (environmental protection): water-based paint, powder paint, high solids and solvent-free paint; six factors to be considered when choosing a paint: painting purpose, working environment, construction conditions, adherence The principle of "saving", the compatibility and environmental protection requirements. At present, the coating process of FRP surface with development prospects are: dipping is suitable for small and regular-looking workpieces; while spraying is suitable for workpieces with large surface area and regular appearance. Using this method to coat glass fiber reinforced plastic products, the surface quality of the coating is good and the investment is not high.

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