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Analysis of selection method of cross-flow closed cooling tower in central air-conditioning water cooling system

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-12-08
Analysis of selection method of cross-flow closed cooling tower in central air-conditioning water cooling system

  Many typical cases of central air-conditioning closed cooling towers of Guangdong Trlon Energy-saving Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. show that in recent years, the use of cross-flow closed cooling towers for central air-conditioning equipment has become a development trend. Traditional central air-conditioning equipment uses open cooling for circulating water cooling. Cooling towers with these methods often cause various problems and high energy consumption problems due to heat exchanger fouling, which makes people headache. The cross-flow closed cooling tower solves the problem of reducing the work efficiency of central air conditioning due to heat exchanger fouling. And the problem of higher energy consumption, so how to choose the central air-conditioning cross-flow closed cooling tower model?e8ICooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Trlon’s customer data information and actual results show that: within the effective range, the cooling water temperature decreases by one degree, the cooling efficiency is about 3% for consumers, and the cooling tower is too effective, the cooling water temperature can basically be reduced by about 2-4 degrees, so Adding a cross-flow cooling tower model selection is definitely cost-effective and not costly. In addition, because the air-conditioning load has the characteristic that it changes significantly with the seasons, its cooling capacity also changes significantly. After the larger total refrigeration output is clarified, the deployment plan for cooling towers with a large total number of small-volume cooling towers is stronger than the deployment plan for large-capacity cooling towers with a small total number of cooling towers in terms of environmental protection, energy saving, and flexibility in shutdown maintenance and protection.e8ICooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Summary: If the cost is sufficient, try to choose several independent composite flow closed cooling towers with similar volumes. For example, central air-conditioning equipment requires about 150 tons of cooling water. Usually one cross-flow closed cooling tower with 175 tons of cooling capacity is selected to match the design. In practice, try to choose a total cooling water of about 200-250 tons. For cross-flow closed cooling towers, two cross-flow closed cooling towers with a circulating water volume of 100 or 125 tons are appropriate.e8ICooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  The sharing of the platform is relatively limited. The editor has about the analysis of the model selection of the air-conditioning cross-flow closed cooling tower. I look forward to your consultation. At that time, trlon will provide you with detailed model selection and technical solutions, and work with you. win!e8ICooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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