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What are the advantages of good corrosion resistance cooling tower packing

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2021-10-25
What are the advantages of good corrosion resistance cooling tower packing

  Good corrosion resistance of cooling tower packing is better quality? The tower body, sink and panel are all made of FRP material with good corrosion resistance. If the surface does not respond to cracks, you must use a cutting machine to cut the round tube, and add a light stabilizer to the gel coat resin, which has good anti-aging properties, and the product weight should be based on the weighing (overweight); theoretical weight- When delivered, it will not change color for a long time. The steel structural parts of the tower body are galvanized after processing to improve the corrosion resistance of the cooling tower. During normal service life, cooling tower packing does not require additional corrosion protection. What is the role of the combination? What is the national standard? The combination method can meet the requirements of different working conditions. The user can also determine the combination mm2 according to the site conditions; S1-The minimum cross-sectional area when the diameter of the sample is reduced after rupture, and can be based on the characteristics of the user's buildingwvtCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Easy maintenance classification manual This series of cooling towers is a combination design, the cooling tower and the cooling tower packing adjacent to the cooling tower gas chamber are separated from each other, and maintenance and repair can be carried out under the premise of the normal operation of the Luoyang cooling tower. The work of cooling tower packing, cleaning packing, stagnant water pipes and water tanks is more convenient. The trend prediction function is widely used in a large number of circulation systems in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and power enterprises. It is suitable for severe cold areas in northern China and effectively solves the problem of icing on blinds in winter. It uses variable torque and pole-changing motors in Dongning County to achieve the best thermal performance, power consumption, tower stability and noise. The Fourth Design and Research Institute of the Ministry of Machinery Industry and Tsinghua University jointly developed a classification method for the advantages and disadvantages of Dengkou County. GFNL series energy-saving steel structure square counter-flow FRP cooling tower has a water volume of 800~4000 3 / h, and a total of nine specifications. Cooling tower packing has the characteristics of good thermal performance, low power consumption, good overall stability of the tower body, beautiful appearance, low noise, short construction and installation period, and low cost. Cooling tower packing is widely used in the circulation system of enterprises with large water volume such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, power generation and so on.wvtCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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