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Advantages of closed cooling tower and heat exchange process

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2021-10-22
Advantages of closed cooling tower and heat exchange process

  With the rapid development of the national economy, the demand for industrial water by industrial enterprises has increased sharply, and cooling equipment needs a lot of water. In order to save water, the cooling water is often recycled, and the cooling tower is the main cooling water recovery equipment. It uses air to exchange hot and humid water with high-temperature hot water. Water evaporates into water vapor and absorbs a large amount of heat, which is taken away by the air. The water temperature is reduced to achieve the purpose of circulating cooling water. It is often used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, electric power, textile and other industries. In addition, it has expanded from industry to civilian use, such as the application of central air conditioning systems in buildings.qK8Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  At present, the commonly used cooling tower is an open tower. The high-temperature cooling water is sprayed into mist droplets through the nozzle, and then exchanges heat and moisture with the surrounding air, releasing the heat into the air to achieve the purpose of cooling. The open tower has a large cooling capacity, but the direct contact between the cooling water and the outside air in the open tower can easily pollute the water quality. This is obviously not suitable for industries that require clean water or serious air pollution. Under the circumstances, a closed cooling tower has become a necessary and appropriate choice, and the requirements for environmental protection, energy saving and miniaturization are becoming increasingly urgent. In various heat exchange equipment, the requirements for closed cooling towers have also increased.qK8Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  The closed cooling tower consists of coils, fans, pipeline pumps, nozzles, exhaust pipes, baffles and other parts. The high-temperature water from the process equipment or condenser is delivered to the cooling coil of the closed cooling tower by the cooling water pump under pressure, and the circulating water cooling tower at the bottom of the cooling tower is pumped to the heat exchange tube bundle by the tube pump. In the upper spray distributor, water is sprayed onto the outer surface of the cooling coil through the spray distributor, so that the outer surface of the tube forms a continuous and uniform thin water film. The water spray film absorbs a large amount of cooling water heat in the coil and quickly evaporates, thereby reducing the temperature of the cooling water. At the same time, the fan installed above the baffle sucks air from bottom to top and sweeps away the horizontally placed light tube bundle, which not only enhances the heat dissipation on the outer surface of the cooling coil, but also takes away the evaporation to form water vapor and accelerates the evaporation of water. Improve cooling effect.qK8Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Closed cooling towers are becoming more and more common in our daily lives. If you want to know more about closed cooling towers, please call Teling Air Conditioning!qK8Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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