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Good news-Trlon Air Conditioning Helps Energy Saving of Cooling Tower in Landmark Project

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-09-28
Good news-Trlon Air Conditioning Helps Energy Saving of Cooling Tower in Landmark Project
Energy conservation and environmental protection have become the most eye-catching issue of the current ecological environment. The products used by Trlon air conditioners in the ecological environment are continuously recycled and used to the best of their ability. New products combine environmental protection concepts under contemporary scientific and technological data, and upgrade and innovate where feasible.QBWCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Guangdong Trlon Energy-saving Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. is a specialized company dedicated to energy-saving transformation of central air-conditioning equipment, providing comprehensive heat exchange energy-saving solutions and energy-saving transformation solutions for building air-conditioning and industrial systems. The rich retrofit experience and technology have attracted the attention of users in the market, and many maintenance and retrofit projects have identified the foundation of the energy-saving retrofit project of Trlon air conditioning. For example: Shenzhen Diwang Building, Shenzhen World Financial Center, Financial Electronic Settlement Center, Bank of China Headquarters Building, Hilton Hotel, Shenzhen Metro Line 1" and other large-scale cooling tower renovation projects.

Deep accumulation, ready to go

Riding on the victory, the superb technology precipitation and rich retrofit performance of Trlon air-conditioning have attracted greater attention from the market. The two large-scale cooling tower maintenance and renovation projects of "Macau City of Dreams Phase II and Shenzhen World Financial Center" gathered their eyes on Trlon Air Conditioning. Among the many outstanding people in the industry, users chose Trlon air conditioners with excellent professional technology recognized by themselves. The maintenance team of the company also did not live up to the expectations of customers, and gave perfect renovation plans from a rigorous, demanding and professional perspective, and completed the construction on schedule in accordance with the completion needs of users.
Macau City of Dreams Phase II

Macau City of Dreams Phase II

Guangzhou Garden Hotel is currently the most popular must-visit comprehensive entertainment resort in Macau. It is a commercial center integrating large-scale five-star business hotels and entertainment. It is currently the largest commercial complex in Macau. The total cooling capacity of the project is 25,600RT. The cooling tower is upgraded and transformed, and the comprehensive strength is continuously inspected after screening. Finally, the domestic technology-top central air-conditioning energy-saving transformation service provider: Guangdong TrlonEnergy-saving Air-conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. is selected as a partner.
World Financial Center Building

World Financial Center Building

The World Financial Center is composed of high-end office buildings, star-rated shops and business apartments. It integrates finance, securities, business, tourism, and entertainment, and becomes a landmark building in Shenzhen's Central Business District. This cooling tower replacement energy-saving renovation project has paid more attention to selecting partners with critical, demanding and seemingly perfect requirements; and Guangdong Trlon Energy-saving Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. is known in the industry for its excellent product technology and perfect service system. It is the preferred partner of landmark buildings. The consideration of comprehensive strength and years of tacit understanding finally made the decision-makers of the financial center insist on choosing Guangdong Trlon Energy-saving Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd.

Service introduction of Trlon air conditioning cooling tower energy saving renovation team:

Guangdong Trlon Energy-saving Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in the development and production of central air-conditioning energy-saving products. Trlon products central air-conditioning equipment, various cooling towers and cooling tower noise reduction projects. Trlonhas established in-depth strategic partnerships with many international groups, focusing on the comparative advantages of talents, and gathering and absorbing industry elites from home and abroad.

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