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Maintenance Technology of FRP Cooling Tower Parts

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-10-15
Maintenance Technology of FRP Cooling Tower Parts
Properly record the actual operating status of accessories and operating procedures. When the glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower is built or built and put into use, the manufacturer or user enterprise should show all the characteristics of the cooling tower: including thermal characteristics, frictional resistance characteristics, water load, heat load, working temperature, cooling category, exhaust air volume, Output power consumption, wind loss, evaporating water, rehydration water, concentration rate, fan output power consumption, water inlet tower water pressure, etc. The relevant departments of the actual operation manufacturer should show all the characteristics of the cooling tower in accordance with the above-mentioned manufacturer or user enterprise Data and cooling tower information.P5XCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
P5XCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
In order to check the use effect and cooling capacity of the FRP cooling tower, it is necessary to stop the indoor test or stop the test of the cooling tower used on the consuming site. In order to ensure the normal use of glass fiber cooling towers, there are not only scientific research personnel for cooling tower experiments, but also a complete set of relatively complete and standard test methods, and a complete set of test instruments and instruments, such as thermometers and micro pressure gauges, must be equipped.P5XCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
The cold water collection pool of the glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower such as pressure gauge and sound level meter should be consistent with the water depth of the pool to avoid cavitation. The height of the dry side of the sump is 15-30cm, and the effective volume is below. The water level of the cold water sump should be maintained at a fixed level. The makeup water valve should be adjusted as needed. For cross-flow cooling towers, if the used water level is lower than the manufacturing requirements, air baffles should be installed below the raw water level to avoid air bypass.P5XCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
The cold pool should be cleaned from time to time to remove the sediment and adhesive accumulated at the bottom of the pool, remove the debris falling on the filler and its support, insist on cleaning the pump suction inlet grille, and check the leakage of the collection pool from time to time. Attention should be paid to whether the distribution and installation of acid and water stabilizer can work normally. The amount of supplemental water and mud discharged is closely related to the quality control of circulating water. The dosage of drugs should be adjusted in time according to the system requirements to maintain normal use.

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