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Cooling tower packing replacement and maintenance service steps

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2021-08-02
Cooling tower packing replacement and maintenance service steps

  There are a lot of people who have one city. What is the relationship between the cooling tower filler and the cooling tower? The cooling tower filler is actually the cooling tower, and it has the effect of heat exchange, which affects the cooling capacity of the cooling tower to a larger level. The device is generally located outdoors, and it cannot be prevented from wind and rain. For a long time in such an environment, the device will suffer erosion and corrosion, and sometimes it will continue to show that the cooling tower filler is blocked. Phenomenon. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the cooling tower packing on time. So the question is, do you know how to replace the cooling tower packing? Do you know the reasonable replacement method of cooling tower packing?qURCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Shenzhen cooling tower packing replacement repair service method steps:qURCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Regarding the replacement of cooling tower packing (cooling tower packing also has other sayings: cooling tower spray film/cooling tower heat dissipation film/cooling tower plastic sheet/cooling tower filling material/cooling tower plastic sheet), we are undertaking cooling tower maintenance and update It is very common to encounter a lot in the transformation process. Long-term use of cooling tower packing will cause aging and some of the packing will fall off, which will reduce the heat transfer level of the cooling tower and endanger the operating efficiency of the refrigeration unit. Therefore, in order to ensure all the normal working efficiency of the cooling tower, the cooling tower packing should be replaced regularly after 3 years of use.qURCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Construction steps of cooling tower filler replacementqURCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Generally, we have the following method steps to complete the cooling tower packing replacement:qURCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  (1) Before construction, complete safety protection and listing of other installations on the construction site; spread construction materials for the waterproof layer on the floor to prevent damage.qURCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  (2) Remove the old cooling tower packing, turn off the power supply of the motor, remove the bracing of the cooling tower packing position, remove the old packing, dispose of the garbage in the tower, and clear the construction site.qURCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  (3) If it is the filler of the suspension, it can be immediately suspended on the support tube. If it is the cooling tower filler that must be bonded, because the amount of filler bonding is large, it is necessary to ensure that the filler is adequate during the curing period of the adhesive. In the bonding process, the filling material bonding points should be neat and unified, and the filling material should bear the force evenly in the crimping process.qURCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  (4) When placing, the top of each layer of the wall should be laid flat, and the solid layer should be cleared, and no impurities should be blocked.qURCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  (5) When installation, inspection and other things are necessary to operate on the filler, be sure to lay the flat plate to complete, and it is forbidden to step on it immediately.qURCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  (6) During construction, assembly, and installation, it is forbidden to complete welding operations above the cooling tower filler, and fire protection regulations should be adopted when necessary. After the installation is complete, take out all the construction items in the cooling tower and hand over the construction end plan, and wait for inspection and acceptance. All the steps of the cooling tower filling replacement method are completed.qURCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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