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How to solve the problem of water distribution in a closed cooling tower

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2021-03-18
How to solve the problem of water distribution in a closed cooling tower

  Nowadays, for the heat transfer of the environment to heat transfer and air cooling, how to optimize the closed cooling tower to derive the temperature operation mode. The overall performance of the cooling tower is reasonable under different station temperatures. At the same time, the test meets the fan frequency and fan power and Close to the test relationship between the wind speed and the test correlation of the air heat transfer coefficient outside the tube, the closed cooling tower has a certain guiding effect on the optimization design.YG0Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  At present, domestic economic development and resource scarcity are intensifying. In order to realize the strategic deployment of reducing energy and emission reduction and developing a low-carbon economy, it is necessary to promote and apply new energy-saving and water-saving technologies in industrial production. Closed cooling towers are used as energy-saving and water-saving technologies. High-efficiency heat exchange equipment has broad market prospects in the context of energy crisis, water conservation and environmental protection. In order to solve the problem of uniform water distribution in the practical application of closed cooling towers, specific requirements are proposed for water distribution equipment and heat exchange tubes. Improve measures and conduct experimental investigations.YG0Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  The main content is divided into three parts, the cooling method of the optimal design of the cooling fluid cooling tower is analyzed, the spray distribution performance of three different types of nozzles is compared and tested, the set model is calculated through the model, and the closed cooling tower is performed Mathematical calculations predict the cooling water in the tube, so a mathematical model of the heat exchange of a closed cooling tower is established, which is combined with computer programming to simulate the cooling performance of the liquid cooler.YG0Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  The influence of the water flow in the tube on the cooling performance of the closed-circuit cooling tower has been analyzed. Some valuable conclusions have been drawn. The development and optimization of the closed-circuit cooling tower provide a reference. The cooling countercurrent high efficiency of the air flowing out of the coil cooling tower and the water injection The flow direction of the air flow is the same, and the regularity of the air flow resistance should be explored more. Here we have carried out experimental research, testing equipment and test pieces, and carried out a series of tests. In order to facilitate comparison, we changed the spray volume and The air flow rate obtains the relevant air and the regularity of the flow resistance.YG0Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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