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Why choose cross-flow closed cooling tower carefully

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-12-10
Why choose cross-flow closed cooling tower carefully

  Nowadays, with the rapid economic development, closed cooling towers continue to emerge in endlessly, and the range of options for ordering parties has become particularly common. However, they are also at a loss in choosing closed cooling towers. On the outside, they look and feel similar. Both can achieve load specifications. However, in the application process, it is likely to encounter related problems such as high effluent heat, high equipment failure rate, motor damage, packing weathering, severe panel erosion, excessive noise decibels, and troublesome maintenance links. How to choose a good one Closed cooling tower is very important, trlon editor will analyze how to prevent the formation of problems according to the above situation! Cross flow closed cooling towerkhiCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  If we say that a complete set of the latest cross-flow enclosed cooling has a poor practical effect, the key elements can be specifically analyzed from the following levels:khiCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  1. The selection of closed cooling towers is not very professional, and it is impossible to combine factors such as mechanical equipment load and regional climate conditions. Air compressors, central air conditioners, electric furnaces, test equipment, injection molding machines, continuous casting machines, etc. are generally closed The load of the heating machinery and equipment of the cooling tower is not understood, and the heat of the incoming and outgoing water is only selected according to the data given by the ordering party. The data formed a slight difference, which is the last of a thousand miles. Professional selection requires that the thermal formation of mechanical equipment be carried out, plus the effectiveness of the specific application of the closed cooling tower, and the statistical effectiveness data is combined with regional dry bulb, wet bulb, extreme heat, atmospheric pressure, altitude, etc. Environmental factors, and the relevant data of the fouling coefficient of the cooling tower in the application link, and then carry out thermal calculations and redundant selection, so that the actual cooling effect can be achieved.khiCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  2. Cross-flow closed cooling tower manufacturers have insufficient cooling capacity or insufficient heat exhaust area. The rapid development of the economic situation has caused market demand to become more and more fierce. Price competition is happening all the time, but after breaking the blood, some manufacturers have chosen Take the risk and do the embarrassing thing about the shortcomings of gold and the two, with a fluke, reduce the heat exhaust area of ​​the cooling tower, reduce the production specifications, and leave the hidden safety hazards to the customers. After the problems are formed, the customers' normal production will be affected. Work, causing serious losses to the company, and ultimately harming others and ourselves!khiCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Other factors that affect the actual effect of cross-flow closed cooling towers are: insufficient fan air volume, insufficient heat rejection filler height, insufficient spray water volume, and insufficient circulating water pump flow. These are the last results of insufficient experience in the design process. The problem is only a specific analysis of a complete set of the latest cross-flow closed cooling tower at the beginning of its operation. After the above-mentioned problems have been put into use, additional specific analysis is required. You can find problem analysis methods and solutions in other consultations of the editor. . trlon pays attention to the data collection of each cross-flow closed cooling tower after its operation. The large database combines years of professional experience and zero accident records to ensure a safe water cooling system for youkhiCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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