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Features of the cooling tower after renovation

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-11-20
Features of the cooling tower after renovation

  The technical characteristics of the cooling tower after renovation: Energy saving: Use the circulating water pressure to drive the turbine to drive the fan to rotate, and install the cooling tower with an extension motor, which does not increase the energy consumption of the circulating water pump, saving electricity for users. High efficiency: The turbine shaft generates kinetic energy to directly drive the fan, without other reducers, and with the change of water flow and corresponding airflow changes, the air-water shut-off is more stable to ensure the cooling effect.4S7Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Low noise: The traditional cooling tower equipped with motor and reducer is eliminated, and the mechanical noise of the cooling tower operation is greatly reduced. Compared with the cooling tower of the mechanical mechanical reducer, the noise is reduced, and the motorless cooling tower uses water as kinetic energy, and energy conversion is Completed in the water channel, the water channel controls the sound vibration, and the turbine does not emit disturbing noise.4S7Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Long life: The turbine has a precise structure, advanced technology, and a design life of more than 20 years. The corners and materials of the core components of the steam turbine are polymer anticorrosive and wear resistant materials. The rotating parts are packaged using a single-mold forming process to completely isolate the rotating parts from the water in the turbine water chamber, ensuring long-term operation of the turbine under low maintenance.4S7Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Low cost: low maintenance cost. Due to the use of hydraulic turbines instead of motors and reducers, traditional cooling towers avoid the maintenance and replacement costs of motors, reducers and belts every year. The operation of the turbine depends on the pressure of the water. It is believed that cooling tower turbines must have redundant heads for application. This is a wrong understanding. When the cooling tower reaches the national standard and is operating normally, the water flow entering the cooling tower must have the water spray pressure of the cooling tower. Under this hydraulic pressure, the turbine can work normally without additional water pressure.4S7Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  The inlet pressure of the cooling tower is generally not less than 3 meters. The hydraulic turbine technology developed by our factory, with a head of 3 meters, can give full play to the efficiency of the turbine. Therefore, the fan is a national standard cooling tower, which can be replaced by a water turbine, including a cooling tower for new equipment. The turbine is driven by water pressure. Using the water pressure of the intake tower, there is no water pressure after flowing through the turbine and cannot be used to distribute water. This is a mistake. There are three main energies in the work of a turbine. First of all, in the closed circulating water pipeline, the kinetic energy of water flow, the inlet of the cooling tower, from entering the turbine to the water distributor, its flow rate is constant, there is no water flow split, no loss, kinetic energy is the product of quality and speed.4S7Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  The mass is constant and the speed is constant, so the kinetic energy is constant. The speed change is used in the turbine to work, but the tail water speed of the outlet turbine is reduced, and the kinetic energy is not lost during the entire flow process, and the kinetic energy can be maintained until the inlet of the distributor. Second, there is no potential energy loss. The turbine is located above the water distributor, and its inlet and outlet are on the same horizontal line. The heat energy is the product of height and mass. The water level in and out of the height does not change, so no heat energy is lost. The inlet turbine uses heat, and the outlet turbine reduces heat.4S7Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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