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What aspects of the situation should be paid attention to when the cooling tower is upgraded?

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2021-01-15
What aspects of the situation should be paid attention to when the cooling tower is upgraded?

  When grouting the cooling tower, leave the hole spacing at the embedded steel plate. Before the second grouting, insert the embedded steel plate into the hole spacing to carry out the grouting and effect level. The calibration level is ±2mm and the base rolling bearing deviation is ±4mm. When using the same header for cooling towers of different models and specifications, ensure that the upper line of the cooling tower water basin is on the same level, and change the foundation height if necessary. When arranging the cooling tower, it is necessary to ensure that the water output of the main pipe is as small as possible when it is supported, and the foundation should be widened if necessary to prevent the water flow from returning during shutdown.3rtCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Cross-flow cooling tower generally considers the way of refrigeration effectiveness is to look at the temperature difference formed when the industrial cooling tower enters and exits the tower, which also brings a key basis for the selection of industrial cooling towers. Generally speaking for civilian cooling towers, the standard tower type sets the inlet water temperature to 37 degrees during the design, and the outlet water is slightly lower, which is 32 degrees, so the temperature difference between the two is 5 degrees; The design conditions of industrial cooling towers are generally divided into several levels, including 32 to 40 degrees, 33 to 43 degrees, 45 to 65 degrees, etc., so the temperature difference between entering and exiting the tower is generally Between eight and twenty degrees. In order to meet the refrigeration effect of different consumers during production, industrial cooling towers must ensure the smoothness of each pipeline step during operation, and blockage is not allowed. If there is a blockage, clean it up in time to prevent it from affecting the entire link.3rtCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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