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What is the reason for the reduced heat dissipation of the closed cooling tower

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2021-09-10
What is the reason for the reduced heat dissipation of the closed cooling tower

  With the long-term use of closed cooling towers, the cooling efficiency will decrease to varying degrees. In order to ensure the normal operation of the closed cooling tower, we should check and maintain the cooling tower in time. There are many factors that affect the cooling efficiency of cooling towers, and investigations should be carried out step by step to ensure that the root of the problem lies in sorting out. There are several factors that affect the heat dissipation of the cooling tower:BJRCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  1. Use environment. Closed cooling towers need to be installed in a ventilated place, so we can see many cooling towers installed on the roof or the top of the workshop. After installing the cooling tower, try to avoid doing some constructive work around the cooling tower, which will affect the ventilation environment of the cooling tower.BJRCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  2. Fan and air volume. If the cooling effect is reduced, check whether the fan and air volume of the cooling tower are sufficient. The air volume is mainly affected by the fan. Let's check if the angle of the fan blade is shifted or damaged. There is a certain gap between nylon fan blades and stainless steel fan blades in use. Adjust the fan angle to increase shaft lubrication.BJRCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  3. The amount of spray water. During the operation of the closed cooling tower, we can hear the water splashing inside. If the amount of water is small, the heat dissipation will be reduced. The reduction in water volume has an impact on pipes and pumps. Check whether the supply pressure of the pump is stable, whether there is air in the pump, and whether the water pipe management is blocked.BJRCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  4. Spray system. The sprinkler system is the most important part of the condenser coil for water distribution. The part we want to check is the sprinkler head. Whether the spray can evenly replenish water is very important. The water supply area is large, which can cover the entire condenser coil to avoid dry spots and scale.BJRCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  5. The question of scale. The generation of scale has a certain impact on the spray system, mainly due to the uneven distribution of water in the water supply system, which leads to dry spots on some cooling coils. After the water evaporates, calcium and magnesium ions will be condensed, which will form scale for a long time. The more it comes, it affects the heat dissipation efficiency.BJRCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Using a closed cooling tower can prolong its service life and ensure its cooling efficiency. We recommend that when using a closed cooling tower, be sure to regularly maintain and replace the water. The water quality is not good, the scale is formed quickly, and there are many ditches, which must be cleaned frequently, and the operation cost is high.BJRCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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