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Cooling tower noise reduction requires choosing the right cooling tower

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2022-01-06
Cooling tower noise reduction requires choosing the right cooling tower

  How to choose a suitable cooling tower for cooling tower noise reduction?YmoCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  With the gradual improvement of production and living standards, cooling towers are currently used to treat waste heat. There are many types of cooling towers for people to choose according to their needs, whether it is a low-noise cooling tower or an ultra-low-noise cooling tower. is more. However, most of my friends pay more attention to good noise reduction in the process of selecting cooling towers.YmoCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  In daily life, most of the main noise sources of FRP cooling towers are from fan noise, water pump noise, falling water noise and so on. Among them, the basic way to reduce noise is to install various mechanical equipment and strengthen some related shock absorption measures such as shock absorption pads and shock absorption springs, so as to avoid vibration noise of equipment. The second is to install a muffler at the air inlet and outlet of the fan, which can also effectively reduce the noise at some air outlets. We can also install some metal mesh or polyurethane and many other permeable materials on the tower chassis, so as to reduce the height of falling water, etc., and then reduce the noise of falling water. The above-mentioned ways to generate noise can be solved. .YmoCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  In addition, if the air exchange coefficient is satisfied, it is also necessary to set up a special sound insulation facility "cover" on the outside of the cooling tower. If calculated according to this installation, the sound insulation effect can reach 156%.YmoCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  If there is no way to circumvent specific points, it is necessary to protect them according to the relevant sensitive points.YmoCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Most of the noise sensitive points referred to here are some residences, hospitals, schools, government agencies, etc. For the emergence of noise sensitive points, we can also install sound insulation windows, sound absorbing materials and many other measures to reduce the sensitivity of the sensitive points. The influence of the crowd on the sound source. On the premise of meeting the above-mentioned process requirements, we can try to choose some low-noise or ultra-low-noise FRP cooling towers, so as to reduce and reduce noise sources on the basis.YmoCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  The above is all the content compiled by the Chinese cooling tower manufacturer.YmoCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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